Personal and Executive Assistant to Chief Growth Officer

    • Los Angeles, CA

First Media is looking for a talented and detail driven Personal & Executive Assistant to support our Chief Growth Officer. This Assistant will be heavily tasked with personal and executive duties that help our very busy Head of Digital keep things moving! You must be INSANELY organized for this role. We're looking for someone who is passionate about digital media and wants to be the solution.
·      Act as first point of contact handling all correspondence (email, phone etc.)
·      Manage all daily scheduling - appointments, meetings, interviews, both personal and executive
·      Book and arrange travel, transport and accommodations
·      Organize attendance and involvement in outside events (speaking engagements, community events etc.)
·      Remind our Head of Digital of important tasks and deadlines. This includes time allowance for meetings throughout the day
·      Compile and prepare reports and presentations as needed
·      Handle all expense reporting
·      Event planning, wedding planning, vendor relations
·      House Management
·      Details, details, details – this WHOLE job revolves around your ability to organize, plan and manage
·      Discretion and trustworthiness: you will be privy to confidential information
·      Flexibility and adaptability – must be able to think on your feet
·      Life skills. We’re looking for someone who understands the best way to get tasks accomplished (better ticket prices, insurance, credit card perks, etc.) The school of Hard Knocks will help you here!
·      Thick skin – someone performance driven who can operate independently without constant affirmation
·      Good oral and written communication skills
·      Organizational skills and the ability to multitask is a MUST
·      The ability to be proactive and take initiative, we need you 3 steps ahead at all times
·      Make life for our Head of Digital easier!

First Media offers unique and out-of-the box content for the millennial female lifestyle.

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