Senior DevOps Engineer

The Position

First Look Media is looking for an experienced and forward-thinking Senior DevOps Engineer to join our top-notch engineering team.  

The Candidate

Candidates should be self-motivated professionals who specialize in creating robust, scalable, and secure systems and processes. You should be proactive, organized, and highly collaborative.

The ideal candidate is an expert in Amazon Web Service architecture and also has a strong background working with on-premises systems. Knowledge of one or more scripting languages is expected.  A deep understanding of digital security is excellent.  

You should also have an open-source mentality, thinking about how we can share what we build with the world.

Experience working on large-scale content management systems or digital video platforms is valued.  Experience working in newsroom environments is also a plus.

The Work

We are actively building systems to support our growing number of digital publications, currently comprised of,, and  

We have a good, modern foundation for our systems.  We use AWS (ECS, ALBs, VPCs), Docker, CircleCI, Terraform, Cloudflare, Nodejs, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, etc.

We are also serious about security and make use of a number of great tools such as GnuPG, Yubikeys, Keybase, and SecureDrop.

We are inspired by the terrific ops work done by ( as documented in their engineering blog ) and love the great tools Hashicorp is putting out ( terraform in particular ).  

We’re happy to share our code ( ) and to write about it from time to time ( ).

We’ve made a good start with what we've built, but we have aspirations for greatness, and we want you to be part of it.

The Company

First Look Media is a new-model media company devoted to supporting independent voices across all platforms, from fearless investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking to smart, provocative entertainment. Launched in 2013 by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar with the belief that independent perspectives are vital to a vibrant culture and thriving democracy, First Look operates as both a studio and digital media company.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer--people of color, people with disabilities, women, and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply; we are committed to a diverse workplace, and to supporting our staff with ongoing career development opportunities.   


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