TOS Specialist Key (Part-time/Item Processing/10 Key/Data Entry)

Position Description:
Responsible for the daily workflow and processing within the department.
Ensure that all work has been completed and departmental deadlines are met.
Make recommendations for improvements using knowledge of information systems, Bank functions and the legal and regulatory environment.
Analyze and recommend changes to systems and operational procedures that will improve the delivery of service to customers.
Resolve any problems, issues or questions to ensure customer satisfaction and to maintain relationships with other client banks.
Comply with all federal, state and other governmental rules and regulations.

Note: This position can be filled as a level I or II depending on the selected candidate's skills and work experience.

Position Requirements:
Basic Qualifications:
High school diploma or GED with 1 year work experience.

Additional Requirements:
Ability to communicate effectively in a professional manner.
Ability to work under deadlines.
Ability to provide quality customer service to associates and customers.
Successful completion of a 10 key assessment or internal department production statistics.

Other Preferred Qualifications:
Strong decision making, problem solving and research skills.
Ability to think creatively, analyze data, with attention to detail.
Knowledge of mainframe applications.
Experience with Microsoft Word.

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