Model Risk Governance Consultant

Position Description:
Model Governance Consultant will support Director of Model Risk Management in maintenance of Model Inventory, Remediation of Findings, Stakeholder Reporting and other administrative requirements associated with Model Risk Management Policy and Standards. This role will also be responsible for managing the model risk governance lifecycle: from maintaining the accuracy and completeness of the model inventory; facilitating the risk assessment of models; tracking model changes/rating; providing status reporting, maintaining policies, standards, internal procedures; and issue management.

Position Requirements:
Basic Qualifications:
Bachelor degree with a minimum of 2 years experience in audit, compliance or risk management.
High school diploma or GED with a minimum of 6 years experience in audit, compliance or risk management.

Additional Requirements:
• Experience in the financial industry, or in auditing, or in compliance reporting, or in business analysis
• Excellent communication skills that support the ability to effectively summarize and present validation findings to senior management
• Excellent project management skills
• Excellent time management skills

Other Preferred Qualifications:
Knowledge of Bank systems.
Theoretical understanding of financial math, financial economics, and/or statistics
Thorough understanding of regulations and regulatory expectations related to Model Risk Management (e.g. SR 11-7)

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