Financial Planning Internship

Intern Job Description:

At Financial Finesse, we do one thing exceptionally well. We help people change their lives. It starts with small changes in their financial lives and has the possibility to progress to the point where that person is financially secure and independent. This is a remarkable place to work, and we are looking for a few interns to help us make it even better. While helping you potentially earn college credits and apply towards CFP(r) experience requirements, you will also learn about a relatively new industry that could become a potential career path for you.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for one intern in the Los Angeles area for a long-term internship and two to three interns across the nation (working from home/school) to work on project-based assignments. Our interns are not just making copies, running errands & making coffee. In fact, that's not a part of it at all unless it's your own coffee! We view interns as a part of our team and you'll be involved in every aspect of our business – from participating in meetings with the CEO about our long term strategy to helping prepare our Certified Financial Planners for their next workshop. Every day can be a new adventure, complete with a very large "to-do" list, and we hope you will learn a lot about yourself, our company, and the rapidly growing financial wellness industry during your time with us. Each internship will be a bit different, based on your skill set – so if you are interested in either the long-term internship in our El Segundo, CA office or one of our project-based internships from wherever you are, send us your resume & cover letter to get the process started.


Financial wellness is an emerging industry that is poised to continue the dramatic growth of recent years. The growth of the industry is in part due to a societal evolution, as more individuals seek a stronger foundation of unbiased knowledge to make sound personal financial decisions, while also experiencing the shift of increased responsibility to individuals for their financial future. Financial Finesse has pioneered the development, growth, and current strength of the financial wellness industry, and the "trend" has taken hold because of the strong impact our education and services are having on individuals' financial lives and the value employers are seeing in providing this essential information to their employees.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Enrollment in a CFP Board of Standards Registered Program - Bachelors, Masters, PhD, or Certificate
  • A burning desire to learn and grow
  • A sense of humor
  • Strong communication, verbal and written, skills
  • The ability to give and receive candid feedback
  • A sense of adventure and creativity
  • The ability to push yourself harder than others push you

Meet Some of Financial Finesse's Employees

Kelley L.

Resident Financial Planner

Kelley provides answers to financial questions for ordinary people through virtual consultations. She also puts together complete financial plans and blogs about finance for the company.

Liz D.

CEO & Founder

Liz oversees every aspect of Financial Finesse’s business—leading the company in its mission to help all Americans achieve financial health and independence.

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