Principal Software Reliability & Performance Engineer

    • Boston, MA

Principal Software Reliability & Performance Engineer


The Role: 

The Principal Software Reliability & Performance Engineer understands methods and quantitative techniques for proactively managing software reliability and performance. She or he is capable to critique software architecture and design choices and impact on the underlying cloud infrastructure to achieve the service availability criteria. She or he defines models, methods, and develop tools to assess performance, reliability, and scalability of cloud-native software design & implementation. She or he will lead analysis on scalability and capacity management. She or he will be required to independently design components or sub-components and then follow through with the coding, testing and integration of all components. Self-motivation, teamwork and experience working in a fast-paced agile environment are highly desired.



  • Designs, develops, tests, and documents Cloud-based as well as stand-alone micro-services with support for RESTful APIs
  • Provides complete ownership of application or feature (design, development, testing, deployment, support) within the team
  • Design for performance, performance modeling, and performance monitoring
  • Defines methods, models, and metrics to measure micro-services performance
  • Defines and/or create tools to emulate workload at micro-service level
  • Conducts unit and integration performance tests across micro-services and various databases
  • Identifies performance bottlenecks via metrics
  • Develops a plan and implements code optimization
  • Implements optimized queries to relevant databases
  • Works closely with Operation teams to analyze and understand the performance data from Production and folds back the impact on software design & implementation
  • Configures automated system integration through CI/CD
  • Tracks different aspects of development and testing work in an Agile process
  • Assists with product studies, performs requirements analysis, and develops software architectures to meet requirements
  • Creates technical proposals and white papers, writes functional and design specifications
  • Follows security guidance in the development process as well as in SW design
  • Measures compliance against standards where relevant


General skills and Education:

  • 7+ years of experience with at least 2 years in a Cloud Software Reliability/Performance Engineer type role
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • BS, MS, or Ph.D in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering

And experience in one of the following categories:

Software Development and Engineering:

  • Programming in Java, Java Spring Boot, scripting (e.g. Python, Go)
  • Database: Mongo, Postgresql
  • Microservice architecture patterns
  • RESTful server and client implementations
  • Git source code control
  • Strong knowledge of open-source libraries/packages
  • Full stack web development experience (front-end GUI and back-end server development)
  • Experience with Test-driven development methodology
  • Experience with Agile development and CI/CD pipelines – familiarity with Jira/Atlassian and Jenkins (or similar solution) desirable


  • Experience with Public Cloud platforms, and designing and orchestrating applications for scale
  • Familiarity with AWS Cloud and native services such as EC2, ECS, EBS, S3, Dynamo, EFS, CloudFront, Cloudwatch required
  • 3rdParty Cloud services such as MongoDB for No-SQL storage, ELK for Analytics required
  • Familiarity with automated verification frameworks for Cloud applications required


  • Experience with security management of cloud based services (SaaS)
  • Experience architecting, deploying and managing a suite of security management tools, including tools for: WAF, SIEM, log management, DDOS protection, Pen-­testing, vulnerability management, automated code analysis, and anti‐malware
  • Hands-­on experience with security management of virtual machines, containers, and applications
  • Knowledge of public key cryptography, web services, SSO strategies, CVSS scoring


Federated Wireless is committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual preference/orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, national origin, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or any other protected classification under applicable law.


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