Special Agent

Position: Special Agent

Series & Grade: GS-1811-10

Promotional Potential: GS-13

Duty Location: Nationwide

Salary: GS- $62,556.00 - $80,721.00

Duration: Full Time/Permanent

The salary listed above applies to New Agent trainees while attending the training academy. Upon graduation, your salary will be adjusted according to field office assignment and Law Enforcement Officers availability pay.


The FBI seeks responsible, motivated, self-starters to work in a high pressure and demanding team environment. Special Agent applicants must be able to work independently, adapt to changing and sometimes dangerous situations and make logical, well-reasoned decisions based on all available facts. Applicants should have superior interpersonal abilities and be able to effectively communicate, both orally and in writing, in an organized and articulate manner.

Special Agents are responsible for enforcing over 300 federal statutes and conducting sensitive national security investigations. As a Special Agent, you may be asked to use your language skills to interview a witness who speaks only a foreign language, your IT skills to locate evidence concealed deep within a computer network, or your CPA skills to uncover hidden assets. Whether it is identifying and recruiting human sources whose information may ultimately avert a terrorist act or gathering intelligence on a foreign enemy determined to do us harm, the FBI provides the opportunity for leaders in every community to give back.

This opportunity should not be taken lightly. The FBI Special Agent position requires significant commitment and dedication from you and your family.

Meet Some of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)'s Employees


Forensic DNA Examiner

As a Forensic DNA Examiner, Melinda works as part of a team to perform DNA analysis on items of evidence the laboratory receives.


Visual Information Specialist

As a Visual Information Specialist, Eric is responsible for making physical and digital 3D models to assist in crime scene investigations that come to the FBI.

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