Software Engineer, Social VR Platform

Every month, millions of Oculus users go online to experience award-winning content on the largest VR platform in the world. They do this largely by themselves. Help us build an immersive, real-time social platform that transforms VR from an isolating experience into a vibrant, safe, global community. As a server-focused Software Engineer on the VR Systems team, you will help design, build, and operate core backend services for our nascent social VR platform. You will use your expertise to ensure that out platform seamlessly scale vertically and horizontally to support millions of simultaneous users interacting together in high-fidelity, real-time VR experiences. You will be part of a small team that owns both the backend service and the clients; recognizing and driving end-to-end optimizations as well as relevant features is a key opportunity for this role. The ideal candidate has a background in server-side application development, preferably with Linux and network-intensive applications.


  • Help design core backend services for social VR products
  • Develop high-performance I/O and data-processing features
  • Build tooling for managing, monitoring, and configuring services
  • 3+ years C or C++ programming experience
  • 2+ years experience developing server applications on Linux
  • 1+ years experience operating and managing a Linux server application (deployment, monitoring, alerting, etc.)
  • Familiarity with Linux socket APIs
  • Familiarity with networking concepts (routing, congestion, datagrams vs. streams)

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