Research Scientist, Simulation (PhD University Grad)

Facebook Reality Labs(FRL) is a world leader in the design of virtual and augmented reality systems. We are currently seeking innovative researchers with a passion for technology to develop next generation near to 3D face and body reconstruction and tracking at our research location in Pittsburgh, PA. The focus of this role is on computer vision and machine learning with the primary responsibility being the design, modeling, and analysis of human motion. The role of this job is to improve tracking and statistical modeling of human in motion, particularly in close interaction, by incorporating physical simulation such as FEM simulation, collision handling or estimating physical properties of an object via simulation, and possibly to develop new machine learning algorithms that can account for physics.


  • Develop new tracking algorithms for human body in close interaction by incorporating physical simulation, and possibly develop new machine learning algorithm that accounts for physics.
  • Lead research projects that involves physical simulation.
  • Collaborate with other researchers to deliver new algorithms and techniques into our existing pipeline of human modeling.
  • Publish and present papers on developed algorithms in top-tier international conferences and journals.
  • Currently has or is in the process of obtaining a PhD degree or completing a postdoctoral assignment in Computer Science, Robotics, Mechanical Engineering or a related field.
  • 3+ years experience with physical simulation, such as FEM, collision detection and handling, or articulated rigid body, including experience with existing physical simulation libraries.
  • 5+ years programming experience in C++ or Python.
  • Interpersonal experience: cross-group and cross-culture collaboration.
  • Experience with computer vision algorithms, specifically tracking such as optical flow or scene flow.
  • Publications in top-tier High Performance Computing and Systems conferences and journals.

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