Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Auditory Modeling (PhD University Grad)

(Redmond, WA)

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The Perception Science group at Oculus Research is seeking a researcher with experience in auditory modelling. You will be tackling the scientific challenges that define cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality, addressing heretofore-unanswered questions in psychoacoustics and perceptual psychology. This involves both applied and basic science, as they inform our research directions and identify opportunities for revolutionary experiences. We're committed to a whole-system, multidisciplinary approach to perceptual research, and both collaborate with academic institutions and publish in peer-reviewed journals. Projects take advantage of internal resources in mechanical, electrical, optical, and software engineering, allowing us to address scientific questions which cannot be addressed with existing equipment. The position is a fixed-term contract for 24 months.


  • Develop, implement, and test models of binaural auditory processing. The focus of the work will be on models that simulate spatial hearing, localization, and externalization.
  • Collaborate with both internal teams and academia in research to explore perceptual factors, define limits and specifications, and discover opportunities for revolutionary improvement in virtual and augmented reality audio systems.
  • Explore opportunities and requirements to create new virtual experiences and perform research necessary to deliver them.
  • Collaborate with other researchers, interns, and engineers to identify and develop experimental systems which allow us to answer novel research questions, involving factors both in isolation and as part of an ecologically valid complete system.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Currently has or is in the process of obtaining a PhD and/or postdoctoral assignment in psychoacoustics, perceptual psychology, cognitive science, or related field
  • Must be available to start employment on or after January 1, 2018
  • 3+ years experience with human auditory system(s) and developing predictive computational models of perceptual and behavioral responses
  • Experience in spatial audio, head-related transfer functions, auditory perception, dynamic observer modeling and similar fields
  • 3+ years experience with experimental methodology, psychophysics, and/or related statistical analysis
  • Interpersonal skills: cross-group and cross-culture collaboration
  • Able to obtain work authorization in the US for a two-year period beginning in 2018

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3+ years experience with MATLAB, R, Python, and/or C++
  • 2+ years experience with the design or analysis of optical and/or stereoscopic display systems
  • Proven track record of achieving significant results as demonstrated by first-authored conference publications or journal articles at Acoustical Society of America (ASA), Audio Engineering Society (AES), International conference of auditory displays (ICAD), Journal of Acoustical Society of America (JASA), Frontiers in Neuroscience, Applied Acoustics, Acta Acustica United with Acustica

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