Executive Producer (Oculus)

This role will partner with the Executive Creative Director of AR/VR and report into the Director of Production for AR/VR. The Executive Producer will prioritize briefs, assign production partners, establish infrastructure, manage/hire producers as well as produce projects for the Oculus team.


  • Proven ability to grow a team and manage the growth and career tracks for direct reports
  • Able to create learning curriculum for core team and cross-functional partners as it relates to complicated technical production approaches
  • Able to lead thoughtful RFP process for creative agencies and production partners
  • Central point of contact on content, engineering and physical (hardware, physical installation) production initiatives. Oftentimes the most complex or challenging parts of an initiative
  • Leverage existing relationships or create new ones with other Facebook teams in order to ensure production goals and delivery, including cross-functional collaboration, launch, hand-off or sunsetting during a typical product lifecycle
  • Manage presentation and feedback stages with key stakeholders
  • Elevates the entire producer group through strong recruiting, mentoring, process refinement, etc.
  • Typical workload: 1-2 large-scale projects or up to 5 medium-scale projects
  • 11+ years experience in production
  • Experience working directly in technology, whether in an agency, brand marketing, and production vendor
  • Track record of delivering results or multiple large-scale systems
  • Experience working with software design (UI/UX)
  • Experience working with off-platform content production (live action, animation, motion graphics)
  • Experience working with physical design (events, industrial design, installations)
  • Knowledge of business affairs, copywriting, community management, design, engineering, measurement science, product development, strategy
  • Knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and/or programming languages
  • Experience creating a Minimum Viable Product including the development of a 12-month production roadmap
  • Technical project management experience
  • Experience in budget forecasting, resourcing, actualization and spend allocation at a project level
  • Knowledge of content production including live action, animation, motion graphics
  • Knowledge in integrated production using mixed media channels (content, industrial design, technology)
  • Knowledge of design and UI/UX development
  • Experience triaging priorities, bugs, test phases and localization requirements (pre- and post- market launch)
  • Experience to product a test plan matrix including target audience, learning goals, experiment design, queries, surveys, result readouts and quantitative research
  • Experience working autonomously as a cross-functional manager

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