Electrical Engineering Manager (Oculus)

As an Electrical Engineering Manager at Facebook Reality Labs(FRL), you will lead a team, as well as contribute to the design and architecture of human-computer interaction hardware.
This role will focus on guiding career growth; establishing and tracking goals; priorities and resources across a portfolio of short- mid- and long-term projects.
You will lead a team in architecting, designing, and prototyping electrical systems for future consumer virtual and augmented reality experiences. You will become part of an interdisciplinary project team exploring new concepts for human-computer user interaction.
The design challenges will span domains including electrical, mechanical, firmware, software, psychophysics, interaction, and materials science. We want people who: work well in teams, can brainstorm big ideas, work in new technology areas, able to drive a concept into a prototype, and can envision how a prototype could transition into a high-volume consumer product.


  • Lead and collaborate in a team environment across engineering disciplines.
  • Design and prototyping of electrical systems for AR/VR.
  • Design, simulate, and test digital/analog circuits.
  • Build schematics, complete board layouts, assemble, test, debug, and integrate designs into electro-mechanical systems.
  • 5+ years of experience in a team lead or management role
  • 5+ years of experience in digital/analog electrical system design
  • BS degree or above in Electrical Engineering
  • Expert in at least one, and competent in a majority of:
  • -FPGA or ASIC design
  • -Microcontroller system design
  • -High-speed communication
  • -Mixed digital/analog design
  • -Analog design
  • -Sensor design
  • -Mechatronic system design
  • -Optical system design
  • -Consumer electronics development
  • Competent in:
  • -Mechanical Engineering fundamentals
  • -At least one programming language
  • -Prototype fabrication/hacking/making

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