Electrical Engineer (FPGA Systems)

(Redmond, WA)

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As an electrical engineer at Oculus Research, you will design, build, and test prototype electrical systems for future consumer mixed reality experiences. You will become part of a team exploring new concepts through fast iterative prototyping. The teams will typically include electrical, mechanical, optical, firmware, software, and research experts. We want people who: work well across disciplines, can brainstorm big ideas, work in new technology areas, able to drive a concept into a prototype, and can envision how a prototype could transition into a high-volume consumer product. We're looking for an FPGA expert that can take a C, C#, or C++ algorithm and convert it into an operational hardware design. Must also be an expert in all stages of the FPGA design process including: simulation, floor planning, timing closure, and in-system debugging. A strong mathematical/programming background will be necessary to both understand and change the starting program into a form that will work well on an FPGA. Typically, Xilinx or Altera parts will be used so knowledge of their toolchains and architectural features is necessary. Finally, the FPGA design must be debugged in a larger system context which requires familiarity with standard debugging tools/techniques. Ideal candidate will have experience with MiPi/LVDS camera inputs and image processing applications.


  • Convert a software algorithm into an FPGA implementation using SystemVerilog and Xilinx/Altera toolchains.
  • Optimizing FPGAs for timing closure.
  • Defining interface requirements for FPGAs in a larger digital system context.
  • Build vendor-neutral FPGA/RTL designs intended to prototype ASIC implementations.
  • Collaborate in a team environment across multiple engineering disciplines.
  • Component specification and selection.

Minimum Qualifications

  • BS in digital system design/Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering, or equivalent experience.
  • 4+ years of FPGA experience including taking a design into an ASIC.
  • 4+ years of experience in Xilinx/Altera parts, tool chains, Verilog or VHDL.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Circuit design experience in: high speed differential circuits, Verilog/FPGAs, uControllers, uProcessors, firmware, display engineering, and programmable logic based development. Digital signal processing, real-time image processing, camera module experience.
  • Programming in C creating initial system bring-up, debugging, and test codes. Programming in other languages like Python/Java/C#.

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