Audio DSP Engineer

(Redmond, WA)

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You're a world class Audio DSP Engineer with a deep programming skillset and a passion for making breakthrough new technology come to life. You've designed and implemented significant Audio DSP systems that have shipped in high volume products. You love solving novel problems from first principles. You're always on the lookout for better, faster and smaller solutions. At Oculus Research you'll build cutting-edge research systems to explore the future of augmented reality (AR). Join an exceptional team of scientists, software and hardware engineers experimenting with bold ideas in optics, graphics, haptics, tracking, displays, computer vision and audio. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime as we make science fiction real and change the world.


  • Analyze, design, develop and debug real-time AR system software for advanced prototypes and user experiences
  • Write clean readable code, debug complex problems that span systems, prioritize ruthlessly and get things done with a high level of efficiency
  • Learn constantly, dive into new areas with unfamiliar technologies, and embrace the ambiguity of AR problem solving
  • Generate novel, innovative solutions to some of the toughest problems in audio

Minimum Qualifications

  • BS degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience
  • 5 or more years recent C experience
  • 5+ years professional audio DSP development experience
  • Demonstrated understanding of how end-to-end audio systems work including transducers, audio ICs, acoustics, embedded DSPs, etc.
  • 5+ years experience creating efficient real-time audio software
  • Demonstrated software development experience, including shipping multiple products
  • Demonstrated communication skills and experience working across disciplines to drive optimal solution

Preferred Qualifications

  • MS or PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience in Acoustics and Consumer Audio EE Architecture
  • Shipped millions of embedded audio DSP products

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