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SE (Systems Engineers) is a sales and technical role with focus on customer/partners and part of a sales team. The high-level objective is together with an Account Manager achieve the allocated sales target by selling F5's solutions and products to our customers. The SE primary responsibility is to take ownership of the technical strategy for their account and/or territory, supporting the sales team with technical skills and when necessary pull in other resources to close the technical side of opportunities or advance F5 strategies within the account and/or territory.

To be effective, an SE needs to have excellent technical skill and knowledge on both F5 products and the "eco-system" that we work with. Technical skill is a pre-requisite to be effective and SEs should always work to further enhance them, via both F5-provided and external training.

SEs should together with the sales rep fully understand and drive the sales process. They should help identify the Technical Decision Maker (TDM) and get technical Validation, Support, and Sponsorship from the TDM. They should also work to develop their own strategy for each opportunity, account, and territory and execute their action plan based on that to both bring opportunities to technical close and create new pipeline.

The aim for a F5 SE is to establish a relationship so he/she become the trusted advisor. SEs should always proactively learn and fully understand the technical and business solutions that his/her customer have implemented to be able to understand the customer "pain points" and both the business and technical challenges, or the gain by implementing a F5 solution. Once identified, SE should come up with a technical strategy that leads to proposing an F5 solution that will mitigate the pain or provide customer gain by providing more value and/or a more cost-effective solution. SE should present both technical and business benefits and not just technical features in a Technical Value Proposition. Finally, that solution should be jointly worked on in the sales team, so that the sales rep can create a true commercial Value Prop and present to the customer.


  • Own the technical strategy and develop their own plan to win and grow business for opportunities, accounts, and territories.
  • Provide Technical expertise through sales presentations, Solution designs, Solution demonstrations, Proof of Concepts as a trusted advisor.
  • Provide solution designs, and systems engineering configurations
  • Develop and Maintain a high level of technical knowledge of F5 and relevant industry solutions as well as Sales aptitude
  • Design differentiating solutions and articulate business value of F5 Solutions against competing solutions.
  • Design technical solutions that create a new customer service or solve customer business problems
  • Participate in the development and support of content (presentations, VP's, use cases...) for customers and partners
  • Maintain knowledge of competitive landscape and share knowledge both internally and externally
  • Foster a collaborative, team-based environment, sharing best practices and success and building lasting relationships
  • Effectively negotiate and pursue conflict resolution
  • Own and assist on Change Request (CR) and Customer Special Request (CSR) cases
  • Uphold F5's Business Code of Ethics; promptly reporting violations of the Code or other company policies

Customer support activities includes:
  • Articulate the F5 Sales Strategy, Messaging and positioning F5 value proposition and solutions for customer business objectives
  • Develop opportunity, account and/or territory strategy and decide actions for each based on that strategy
  • Develop and maintain trusted advisor relationships with customer technology staff and management.
  • Consistently provide world-class customer service during sales, technical, and post-sales activities
  • Deliver sales pitch/whiteboards at CxO level.
  • Actively use for each opportunity and named account
  • Understand and effectively utilize F5 organizational resources, decide when, who, and how to pull in outside resources to execute on their strategy
  • Actively utilize SE tools: CSR, Idea, Hive, Radar, and others
  • Identify and qualify technical opportunities.
  • Influence Sales strategy.
  • Help determine viability of opportunity and map out political structure.

Post sales activities include:
  • Understand and follow escalation process
  • Partner with the F5 Technical Support and customers/partners to resolve issues
  • Always keep a "Customer first" mentality

  • Job may be performed on-site at a customer facility or data center, or in an home/office environment sitting at a desk or computer table.
  • Duties require the ability to travel up to 80% via automobile, train, and airplane, and may require being on call periodically and working outside normal working hours (evenings and weekends).

Technical Skill
  • Basic understanding of F5 Solutions and technology
  • Support the sales team in determining customer requirements
  • Work in a sales team and be responsible for tactical/ project-based opportunities
  • Assist sales team to test, troubleshoot, and implement customer POC
  • Essential knowledge of some/several F5 solutions and technologies or advanced in one area such as SP
  • Responsible for Design, implement, test, and troubleshoot POC
  • 201 Certification
  • Advanced knowledge of several F5 solutions and technologies or expert in one area such as SP
  • Participate in at least one SME Team
  • Work effectively with Global/EMEA/Regional SA and Technical Support organization
  • Solve problems independently and creatively

Sales Skill
  • Maintain data accurately and timely
  • Develop relationships with middle managers and decision makers at customers
  • Develop and execute action plans based on already developed account strategy
  • Manage assignments through to completion
  • Work with general guidance as well as in teams
  • Able to collaborate and thrive in a fast-paced high-performance environment
  • Understand and assist with development of technical account strategy and technical account planning
  • Start to work on Technical Value Propositions.
  • Identify customer tactical (project based) opportunities and assist with strategic (organizational) opportunities
  • Deliver solutions presentations
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Demonstrate commitment
  • Solution selling focus
  • Drive and lead full Value Props and account planning.
  • Deliver a clear F5 value proposition positioning using whiteboard, Presentation, etc
  • Customized presentations using an advanced solution-based sales approach
  • Develop a trusted advisor status with key customers
  • Understand the opportunity, account or territory and develop and own strategy to win or grow business
  • Produces Technical Value Propositions fluently
  • Comfortable presenting to small-medium audiences - user groups etc.

  • 8+ years related industry experience
  • 4+ years of pre-sales
  • Advanced written and oral communication skills
  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Advanced Account Management Skills
  • Essential F5 Solution knowledge or relevant experience in key competitor offerings

Desired experience:
  • F5 product knowledge or relevant experience in key competitor offerings F5 101 Certification
  • Security, Network, or Application Administration skill
  • Network, Security or Application design background
  • F5 201 Certification
  • Cloud, Security or other industry certifications
  • F5 301, 303 Certification
  • Advanced Cloud, Security or other industry certifications

F5 Core Technology Knowledge

  • Web Applications
  • Industry trends and cycles
  • Application Architectures
  • Latest MSFT technologies
  • Availability
  • DNS
  • Network
  • Firewall, Authentication
  • Acceleration
  • Network infrastructure
  • Denial of Service
  • Web Application Security
  • High-availability architectures
  • Cloud/Virtualization technologies
  • Centralized management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Solution designs
  • Data Center, Virtualization and Cloud computing
  • Solution designs

Cloud Solutions Knowledge
  • Cloud computing concept
  • Cloud Computing Trends
  • Container concept and architecture
  • Linux knowledge
  • Cloud operations concepts
  • DevOps concepts
  • AWS infrastructure
  • Azure infrastructure
  • AliCloud infrastructure (China Only)
  • Openstack LbaaS deployment
  • Kubernetes & Mesos deployment
  • Software Defined Network concepts - eg. Cisco ACI, NSX or Openstack Neutron
  • Cloud Solution designs (eg. LB and WAF on cloud etc.)
  • Deploy F5 solutions in Azure/AWS/Alicloud
  • Deploy F5 solutions in Alicloud(china Only)
  • Deploy F5 solutions in NSX/ACI/Openstack
  • Deploy F5 solutions in containers environment -eg. Openshift, Kubernetes or Mesos

Programming Knowledge
  • Programming/Scripting knowledge (Linux Shell Scripts, Java, Javascript, Python, Node.JS, etc)
  • Basic CI/CD app development and similar DevOps knowledge
  • Be able to write and modify simple iRules
  • DevOps tools usage for demonstration (Github, POSTMAN, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins)
  • Basic iControl REST API Demonstration
  • Cloud Solution Designs (eg. Autoscale, Security Policy management etc. on cloud)
  • Be able to write and modify Advanced iRules
  • Able to write and modify cloud templates and scripts (Cloudformation, Azure Template, HEAT template)
  • DevOps basic demonstration using Python/Shell scripts

The Job Description is intended to be a general representation of the responsibilities and requirements of the job. However, the description may not be all-inclusive, and responsibilities and requirements are subject to change.

Equal Employment Opportunity

It is the policy of F5 to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and employment applicants without regard to unlawful considerations of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, sensory, physical, or mental disability, marital status, veteran or military status, genetic information, or any other classification protected by applicable local, state, or federal laws. This policy applies to all aspects of employment, including, but not limited to, hiring, job assignment, compensation, promotion, benefits, training, discipline, and termination. Reasonable accommodation is available for qualified individuals with disabilities, upon request.

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