Auxiliary Operator Trainee -Operations - Calvert Cliffs, Lusby, MD

    • California, MD


Exelon is looking for AuxiliaryOperator Trainee/Entry-level operations candidates at our Calvert CliffsNuclear Power Plant. This is a shift work position, which requiresmandatory rotating day and night shifts.


Regularly and customarily isresponsible for the monitoring, control and operation of nuclear stationequipment for the control room. This includes the following,together with other related and incidental work:

-Starts, stops, controls andmonitors nuclear reactor and auxiliary reactor systems, as requiredfor plant operations, including taking manual control of equipmentas conditions warrant. Starts, stops, controls and monitors steamturbine, main generator and auxiliary turbine generatingequipment as required to maintain maximum stationcapability, including taking manual control of equipment asconditions warrant.

-As directed, starts, stops,adjusts, tests and operates pumps, valves, switchgear, controls and othercomponents of systems.

-Monitors recorders andindicators within the control room for the nuclear and turbine generatorsystems for operation within prescribed limits. Obtainsoverview data and performs various calculations as required byprocedure.

-Responds to plantindicators and alarms in accordance with plant procedures includingidentifying those parameters that are indicative of an emergencycondition and initiating designated actions.

-Performs operations inaccordance with administrative procedures and NRC license including shiftturnovers, log maintenance, etc.

-Responds to and takes actionas required in mitigating consequences of plant transient.Required to be thoroughly familiar with entry conditions andcautions for the emergency operating procedure and the basisof each step in the procedures. Required to be familiar with theabnormal operating event procedures and system diagnostic andrestoration procedures.

-Participates as a member ofstation fire brigade and will be required to function as fire brigade leader.

-Assists shift supervision in theperformance of any and all of the duties involved in directing andcoordinating the actions of the other personnel assigned to assistin operation of the station.

-Responsible to identify and correctdeficient conditions through the use of the station Corrective Action program,initiating action requests for material condition issues andsubmitting Procedure change requests.

-Initiates Emergency Plan in accordancewith implementing procedure.

-Implements tagging and systemout-of-service requests, including directing others to realign valves,rack out breakers and hang tags.

-During refueling of thereactor, manipulates controls, drives, etc. and observes nuclearand radiation monitoring instruments in accordance with procedural controls.May be required to assist in refueling.

-Operates station communicationsequipment as required.


High School diploma or equivalentwith 2 years Power Plant experience, which shall include 1 year of NuclearPower Plant experience.

NOTE: Candidates must meet one of thebelow preferred criteria


Candidates must possess a Bachelorsof Science degree in engineering, engineering technology, or related scienceprogram

An Associates of Science degree inengineering, engineering technology or related science program or equivalency

Equivalency for the Associate ofScience degree is established by meeting the criteria below:

43 credit hours of post secondaryeducation of which 75% (at least 8 courses or 32 hours) is advanced math,physics, chemistry and/or engineering/engineering technology. Transcripts willbe required to verify coursework.

Documented training and experienceapplicable to power generation operating experience while a member of theNuclear Navy program. Navy candidates will be required to provideoccupation/training awards history, DD214, and fitness and counselingevaluations with social security numbers and medical documentation removed.


- Candidates must pass the PlantOperator Selection System (POSS) Examination

- Score satisfactorily on the BasicMath and Science Test (BMST)

Candidate must be able to obtainunescorted access to a nuclear facility as a member of a critical group.

Start Date for Position; January 26, 2021

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