Senior Software Engineer, Web Desktop Client (Electron)

About the team

Evernote was built to help people and teams capture, cultivate, and share ideas. We believe no idea is too big to handle or too small to matter and help millions of people every single day be more productive.

We are looking for engineers who are passionate about building a great product as much as writing clean, well-engineered code. Maybe you are in your element debugging multithreading snafus to make sure we never lose our users’ data, or perhaps you prefer outdoing designers in your pursuit of pixel-perfection or maybe a little bit of both and more. Either way, you know that through rigorous engineering and well-architected code you can improve the lives of our users who rely heavily on the productivity experience on our Windows client.

What you'll do

Our Windows and macOS clients are immensely important to us in providing an extraordinary desktop productivity experience. We're looking for a founding engineer to spearhead the development of a new Electron-based version of our desktop client. That's right; our desktop client is going all-in with a web tech stack! If this is your forte, please read on!

You will help us build a well engineered, stable and reliable client with a high-quality productivity experience that gets used by millions of users across the globe. You will have the chance to work on user-visible features like navigation re-designs and sharing while also being instrumental in our overall client re-architecture. We are a small, close-knit, high functional team where everyone takes ownership of big projects and features.

We cultivate team and company builders where we urge engineers to ask the hard questions and find the right answers to help us to continue to innovate in this space - the sky’s the limit, come join us!

Your Noteworthy Characteristics

  • You're proud of the JavaScript/TypeScript code you've written and can talk through the trade-offs made without tears of remorse
  • You've been through the initial build-up or migration of a native application to Electron.
  • People like working with you for some reason
  • Your pull requests have been described as a learning experience and a captivating read by your peers
  • Software design patterns are found in your DNA
  • Gleefully contributed to the unit tested code coverage percentage on a large, gnarly codebase in your past
  • You have strong collaboration skills and experience working with cross-discipline teams (PM, Design, QA)


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