Senior Frontend Software Engineer, Design Systems

Etsy is seeking a Frontend Software Engineer to join our Design Systems team. Our team advocates for and implements frontend best practices at Etsy. We collaborate with the engineering and design organizations to build tools and systems that help Etsy build products that are fast, reliable, and accessible. Are you are an excellent communicator that can manage projects with a wide range of technical and non-technical partners and requirements? Do you have a keen eye for beautiful and user-friendly digital experiences? Do you have a desire to guide changes across every area of our website and care deeply about performance, usability, and accessibility? If any of that sounds like you, please consider applying!

The technical staff at Etsy believes that code is craft, good software and its designs are works of art, and that the work we do is part of larger creative culture represented by the hundreds of thousands of inspired artists and designers who make Etsy such a wondrous marketplace. We believe that small, empowered, self-motivated teams can do big things. We believe in measuring everything, taking advantage of our continuous deployment system to ship code early and often, and embracing a blameless culture based on trust and learning.

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This opportunity is available either in the Brooklyn HQ or remotely.

About the Role

  • You’ll help us explore and apply new frontend technology on a large scale, serve as an advocate for frontend best practices, and shape how products are built at Etsy.
  • While this is a frontend position, with a focus on HTML, CSS (SCSS), and deep JS knowledge, you will need to write backend code for tooling and running experiments. We use Node.js and PHP, but experience in other languages is great.
  • You’ll work most closely with our designers, product managers, and other software engineers, while also meeting an array of partners from across the organization.
  • We believe strongly in using both quantitative and qualitative methods to guide decisions. To that end, you'll use our in-house analytics tools to gather information and gain insights. You'll also use Etsy's Continuous Deployment architecture to push code to production early and often (and you'll probably push in your first week here).

About You

  • You’re an engineer with experience writing frontend code and deep knowledge of JavaScript.
  • You have experience with multiple frontend frameworks; we primarily use jQuery and React, but alternate experience is great.
  • You’re interested in observing existing development patterns, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and designing flexible and maintainable solutions to augment those patterns.
  • You have an appreciation for systems-thinking when it comes to creating reusable code and consistent user experiences.
  • You care deeply about performance, usability, and accessibility on a variety of devices.
  • You are comfortable working with legacy code while working towards improving it.
  • You might have experience using and/or building living design systems.
  • You believe that building simple, usable tools that work well together can empower engineers and designers to create better products.
  • You're comfortable collaborating with teams to discuss technical and usability trade-offs (with respect to accessibility, performance, asset size, maintainability, etc.) to achieve a more successful feature.
  • You are mindful of the future and strive to create reliable, documented code that other people–or you, six months into the future–will find easy to comprehend and modify.
  • You love to experiment and use data to drive decision-making.
  • You appreciate beautiful and usable design and consider the details in everything you do.
  • You believe in the connective power of Etsy’s peer-to-peer marketplace, and have the technical skills to make it stronger.

What’s Next

Interested in working with us? Send us a cover letter and your CV or resume explaining why you’d be great for the job. We value your unique talents and point of view, so feel free to tell us what you are all about. And if you write, draw, craft, or contribute to something you’re proud of, we’d love to hear about it.
At Etsy, we believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace makes us a more relevant, more competitive, and more resilient company. We welcome people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and experiences. Etsy is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital or family status, disability, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.

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