Summer Internship for Women in Business

Congrats, you've just discovered the best-kept secret in women's leadership, empowerment and professional development - the ENTITY Academy.


The ENTITY Academy is an intensive 4-week mentorship program in Los Angeles tailored to future female managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Women are put through a rigorous program, which includes mock board meetings, pitch training, public speaking and conflict resolution. At ENTITY, young, aspirational women will have a chance to hone their leadership skills and become confident in using their voice.

Mentees will also receive:

  • Intros to top female entrepreneurs with significant financial exits on their resume
  • Direct access to the CEO, Jennifer Schwab, for career advice
  • A Path to Achievement plan to ensure you're growing every year towards your goals
  • Polished resumes and designer portfolios with curated writing samples to showcase your capabilities

If you're currently in an MBA program or are just looking to get a headstart in your career, this is the place for you. Our carefully curated speaker series includes only the best of the best in their fields. Last year, our mentees met:

  • Susan Rockefeller - Entrepreneur, Conservationist, Founder of Musings Mag and Filmmaker
  • Julie Schoenfeld - Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Strobe and two other successful venture-backed startups
  • Courtney Keating - SVP of Innovation and Marketing at Core Logic
  • Sandy Golinkin - Past Publisher of Conde Nast and Founder of "Raising the Bar"
  • Shelley Zalis - Founder of The Girls' Lounge

For a sneak peek of our highly-anticipated speaker series, watch our video here:

And since we believe in molding well-rounded women, the ENTITY Academy provides unforgettable experiences, including flying lessons, exclusive access to an intimate American Contemporary Ballet performance, Krav Maga lessons, DJ lessons and professional photoshoots.


  • Access to one-on-one mentoring, job recommendations and powerful career connections
  • Digital exposure on our vast content platforms, social networks and weekly newsletters calling out content created during the program
  • Professionally designed portfolios and resumes
  • A community of like-minded women who are poised, confident and recognize early on that the sky is truly the limit
  • A keen understanding of opportunities in the digital space and honed digital skills
  • A daily dose of growth and advice sent via text and/or email
  • VIP access to our exclusive Women's Club at ENTITY HQ where you can enjoy private events, salons and war room meetings
  • After graduating from our 4-week program, ENTITY will represent you in the marketplace to help you secure a job opportunity suited to your skillset. View sample portfolios here:

We embrace the fact that all women are in a constant state of learning. ENTITY is your classroom. To the moguls, artists, techies and entrepreneurs, we say: "We are the women that do." Come change the world with us!

Don't just take our word for it, see what past graduates have to say about the ENTITY Academy:

"Honestly, my biggest gain at ENTITY was having Jennifer as a mentor. Throughout the rest of USC business school, I bounced a lot of ideas off her. This was especially true when it came to choosing my first post-business school job. If it wasn't for her, I don't think I would have taken Bain. I didn't really like the idea of having to move away from LA again; however, she helped me put things in long-term perspective, rather than wanting instant gratification. This is a very common mistake many young people make, and Entity helped me take a long view." -Josephine Djuhana, Consultant at Bain & Company

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