Director, Product Management

Reporting to the Vice President of Product Management, the role is responsible for defining and monitoring the implementation of market-driven capabilities for products and/or services within the company’s overall product portfolioAs a Director of Product Management, you will direct a team of Product Managers, Product Owners, and Business Analysts in planning and executing the product strategy and roadmap for your product(s) and oversee and ensure that the functions of the Product Managers within your span of responsibility are efficiently and effectively executed.


This is a strategic role focused on both optimizing the revenue stream from your product(s) and exploring opportunities to continually improve all aspects of your product(s) in order to meet evolving market trends and customer needs.  The ideal candidate will establish a strong vision of how your product will be used and perceived in the market now and into the future. The successful candidate will be equally comfortable working with senior management on product roadmaps, and speaking to large groups of prospects and customers in the role of subject matter expert.  You will be tasked with representing the business and promoting the product(s) by advocating for its value and benefits at executive briefings, and marketing events.


In this role you will not only be tasked with driving top-line revenue growth and bottom-line profitability but you will also create the business case that drives further investment in your ideas. Your efforts must be aligned with the company’s overarching business strategy and goals.


As a leader within the product management department, it is the Director’s central responsibility to build an understanding which cultivates and coalesces in your team’s members tight alignment between the products vision, the business case, as well as the product planning material necessary for driving product initiatives further with clarity and consensus.  The Director of Product Management, alongside other Directors, is also responsible for developing, defining, and overseeing the product roadmap and managing it as required for the purpose of meeting business deliverables.  In this capacity, the Director of Product Management also incorporates the existing development backlog and makes priority decisions as determined by the business, market, and consumer needs.


You will be expected to actively engage with customers and prospects to gain a deep understanding of their needs in order to identify quantifiable opportunities. Targeted market research and ongoing customer contact will help you develop lucrative ideas and bring them to market. Candidates for this position must possess the drive and passion to own all aspects of their product(s) and translate that passion into meaningful financial results for eMoney, our client base and future prospects.


As a Director of Product Management, primarily focused on existing market opportunities, you and your team of product managers will work with cross-functional teams to further enhance and optimize your product(s). This includes, but is not limited to, finance, engineering, design, marketing, sales and customer service. You will be instrumental in defining and fine-tuning the go-to-market strategy, helping teams to understand your product’s competitive positioning and the steps you are taking to ensure market leadership. You will serve as the internal and external advocate for your product offering ensuring that customer satisfaction and revenue goals are met.


Job Responsibilities

  • Lead, manage and mentor a team of Product Managers, Product Owners and Business Analysts
  • Recruit and develop a strong team of employees
  • Lead or oversee your product’s product development efforts derived from identified market trends, industry regulations, competitive intelligence, and customers as well as internal thought leaders, sales, marketing, and customer support
  • Lead or oversee the development of detailed business plans, product strategy, tactical roadmaps and high-level requirements that align with, and support attainment of, company objectives
  • Actively engage with partners and eMoney’s client-facing functions
  • Act as the primary evangelist for your market or product line
  • Regularly engage with customers to understand and validate their evolving business needs and gather the necessary inputs to enhance the products within your vertical.
  • Conduct targeted market research and analyze the resulting data to identify new revenue opportunities for your product
  • Work closely with marketing to help them define, develop, and disseminate market or product messages, value propositions, and positioning to optimize revenue and maximize market share
  • Oversee product launch plans in collaboration with product marketing
  • Ensure that there is appropriate sales and marketing support, including pricing, sales demos, trainings, core positioning and messaging (as appropriate)
  • Maximize the profitability and adoption of your product
  • Monitor and report on the success of competitive positioning and financial results while seeking areas of improvement and differentiation
  • Manage the product lifecycle of your products from concept to phase out.
  • Analyze partnership opportunities for products and/or integrated solutions


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required
  • 10+ years of successful product management experience, preferably in a SaaS environment and/or in the financial services/fintech industry
  • 5+ years of experience managing people


  • Demonstrated market success managing existing products and optimizing their performance (preferably in the financial advisory space)
  • Extensive knowledge of the financial services industry and software applications
  • Proven product management expertise working in a software development company
  • Working knowledge of financial planning concepts
  • A deep understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Excellent communication, presentation and leadership skills
  • Results orientation
  • Strong strategic and financial acumen
  • Excellent teamwork skills and the ability to influence and lead cross-functional teams
  • The ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently, and the drive to lead teams to execute on defined vision
  • Technically savvy, able to work with development and design team members
  • Ability to lead other product managers in pursuit of company goals


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