Visa Specialist / Visa Consultant

    • Shanghai, China


  • Assist in the preparation of visa materials for Chinese customers
  • Provide trainings to sales teams on visa process and requirements  
  • Communicate with our sales team in Shanghai and a multinational operations team in Zurich, Switzerland to prepare hotel visa letters
  • Support customers regarding their visa applications
  • Assist with various translation support for select customers
  • Manage customer information within EF systems
  • Work with a multinational EF team in Shanghai


  • 2-5 years experience in a visa preparation role for Chinese outbound tourists
  • An understanding of the visa requirements for Schengen is highly desired  
  • Strong at English and fluent in Mandarin
  • Positive attitude – you think nothing is impossible and your positivity can inspire customers
  • Attention to detail
  • Confident in speaking to customers or training translators
  • Familiarity with Europe is a benefit 

Highlights of Benefits

  • Complimentary in-office English language and fitness classes
  • International travel during a Travel Plus tour where you will see the tour through the eyes of a traveler

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