Video - Shooter/Editor

Video - Shooter/ Editor

Cambridge, MA 

As a key member of The Studio and EF Education First’s professional in-house video team, you’ll help bring our company’s mission to life—“Opening the world through education”—by shooting and editing informative, creative, and inspiring videos. Whether we’re creating short-form documentary, eye catching ads for social, kinetic typography, motion graphics, or scripted comedy, we not only strive to turn our vision into reality, we strive to make that reality absolutely stunning. When you join The Studio, you’ll be given ample opportunity to channel your passion for visual storytelling into compelling video content.


  • We are entrepreneurs at heart, and never let a shoestring budget get in the way of creating exceptional work.
  • We believe nothing is impossible. Due to the nature of the videos we create, we are often put into challenging situations and must forge a path forward with confidence, persistence, and perseverance. And we always support each other in these endeavors.  
  • We are innovators who constantly push the envelope – both creatively and technologically – and are able to have a direct impact on how EF communicates to our customers. We consistently go much further than what we’ve been tasked to do.


  • You have a deep, undeniable passion for all things film/video.
  • You love traveling and all the adventures that come along with it.
  • You have a strong directorial eye, yet appreciate, and respond positively to, feedback and criticism.
  • You are equallycomfortable working collaboratively as guiding a video from conception to completion on your own.
  • You work effectively and efficiently in a team setting, communicating ideas with clarity and confidence.
  • Your attention to detail is impeccable, for both aesthetic as well as logistical details. This includes file and server management, equipment organization, clear communication, and schedule management.
  • You are comfortable communicating with a variety of personalities, including both internal staff (from other video team members to designers/copywriters to marketing specialists) and external audiences (from customers of all ages to global leaders like Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, and Dr. Steven Chu).
  • As a “filmmaker,” you are equal parts “storyteller” and “cinematographer,” captivating viewers with stories as compelling as the visuals.
  • Your creativity has no limits, and you’re able to produce quality work on a shoestring budget.
  • You know your way around DSLR cameras, GoPros, and drones, as well as basic audio recording.
  • You have strong knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud: Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder.
  • You’re highly literate when it comes to the world of Macs, hard drives, and servers, and are willing to assist in asset management.

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