Technical Support Coordinator

    • New York, NY

Technical Support Coordinator

EF Academy is an international boarding school in Thornwood, NY.  We are seeking the immediate appointment of a Technical Support Coordinator. The successful candidate will have the following skills and/or experience::

  • knowledge of basic wired and wireless networking
  • troubleshooting knowledge of Windows, Macintosh, iPad and Chromebook computers
  • familiarity with print servers and other networking services
  • understanding of databases
  • able to quickly grasp the operation of new and/or unfamiliar soft- and hardware tools
  • enjoy working with people - Faculty, Administration, Students, as well as remote service technicians

EF Academy’s service model includes working with networking, hardware and software colleagues from around the world. The successful candidate will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, demonstrate flexibility and attention to detail, with a passion for life.  The ideal candidate will understand the operations of a school and the specific client demographic we are supporting on campus.

Reports to: Director of Educational Systems

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