Service Consultant 服务顾问

Responsible for creating a welcoming center atmosphere for customers, providing customers with quality service. Support COM/ Supervisor and liaise with the other functional team leaders to ensure two primary targets can be met: 1) Create high level of service and excellent customer experience; 2) Center cost control and operating process optimization.

负责营造一个以客户服务为导向的中心环境,为客户提供优质的服务。支持服务运营经理/服务主管并协助其他职能部门的负责人确保以下两项目标的达标: 1)营造高标准的服务,优化客户体验;2)中心成本控制和运营流程优化。

  • Assist COM/ Supervisor to drive center operational and service excellence, creating a customer-focused service organization, where customer can enjoy their learning experience at an EF center.
  • 协助服务运营经理/服务主管提高运营效率和服务质量、营造一个以客户服务为导向的工作环境,从而提高客户在EF中心的学习满意度。


  • Responsible for student’s satisfaction, Student Lifecycle Management service coverage for assigned students, and exceptional cases handling (eg. complaints, refund).
  • 负责中心学生满意度,完成自己所负责学生学习周期管理的服务覆盖率,以及处理投诉或退款等特殊案例。


  • Accurately execute company standard student lifecycle system for assigned students, eg. set up student’s personal study plan (PSP), and follow up with student on an on-going basis through multiple communication channels.
  • 按照公司标准的学生学习周期管理服务流程,对自己所负责的学生进行相应的跟进。例如:制定学生个人学习计划,并能通过多种沟通渠道持续地跟进学生。


  • Improve customer’s experience by delivering relevant service programs targeted at different customer segmentation to satisfy their service needs; and be able to adjust service program delivery per student’s study progress.
  • 针对不同类型客户的服务需求,提供相关的服务项目,从而提高客户的整体体验;根据学生的学习进展及时地调整服务项目。


  • Collaborate with Course Consultants and Trainers to contribute to the growth of center net internal revenue, including course renewal, upgrade and referral.
  • 配合中心课程顾问和培训师促进中心净内部收入的良性增长,包括课程续约、升级和推荐。


  • Create pleasant physical environment and excellent English learning atmosphere.
  • 营造舒适的中心学习环境和良好的英语学习氛围。



  • Carry out other administrative duties at this role, including reception and other relevant customer services, etc.
  • 履行其他涉及到该职位的行政职能,包括客户接待和其他相关客户服务工作等。


  • Implement national policies and processes, ensuring center’s operations is compliance with national standards.
  • 贯彻执行总部制定的相关政策和流程,确保中心的运营符合全国标准。


  • Support COM/Service Supervisor in optimizing center cost.
  • 协助服务运营经理/服务主管进行中心成本优化管理。


  • Other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Company when needed.
  • 其他根据公司需要所授予的职责和责任。

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