Senior Project Manager (Agile Master)

We provide the best-in class education services to numerous individuals and top firms around the world, we build exciting software products with compelling user experience to support our vision: Break down barriers of language, culture, and geography that divide people.

We are looking for a leader to lead our product development procedure with agile methodology. You will be playing as a critical role in driving development execution to help the organization to achieve business goals. You will also be a significant contributor on continuous improvement in our organization. You will be working in a fast-growing business, a diverse and dynamic working environment, and with the best talents from all over the world.


Expected peculiarities:

  • Chase software excellence; never stop refinement on software development.
  • Understand Agile spirit, practice it in daily work and improve continuously;
  • Have the experiences on large-scale software development; comprehend the complexity of software product and related solution;
  • Dare to learn and change, have strong curiosity for learning new things;
  • Be equipped with the ability of good systematic thinking and communication, know how to simplified in complex situation
  • Strong leadership with good communication skills, capability of influence team members, peers and management to ensure the team is running on the right trajectory
  • Capable on motivating team members, building collaborative, accountable atmosphere within team, and push things forward.


Personal Skills:

  • Servant Leader – Must be able to get respect from his/her team and be willing to help team remove obstacles to get the job done
  • Communicative and social – Must be able to communicate well with teams in both English and Chinese
  • Facilitative – Must be able to lead and demonstrate value-add principles to a team
  • Assertive – Must be able to ensure Agile/Scrum concepts and principles are adhered to, and be a voice of reason and authority, make the tough calls.
  • Situationally Aware & escalation– Must be the first to notice differences and issues as they arise and elevate them to management
  • Enthusiastic – Must be high-energy
  • Continual improvement - Must continually be growing your craft, learning new tools and techniques to develop yourself and your team
  • Conflict resolution - Must be able to facilitate discussion and facilitate alternatives or different approaches
  • Attitude of empowerment - Must be able to lead a team to self-organization
  • Attitude of transparency – Must desire to bring disclosure and transparency to the business about development and grow business trust


Technical Skills:

  • Understand basic fundamentals of iterative development
  • Understand other processes and methodologies and can speak intelligently about them and leverage other techniques to provide value to a team/enterprise
  • Understand basic fundamentals of software development processes and procedures
  • Understand the value of commitments to delivery made by a development team
  • Understand incremental delivery and the value of metrics
  • Understand backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity, and task definition
  • Familiarity with common Agile practices, service-oriented environments, and better development practices
  • Understand basic fundamentals of QA principles and continuous integration
  • Understanding Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) will be a big advantage


Experiences required:

  • Practical or team coaching experiences of Agile development (Scrum, Kanban, XP etc);
  • Project or program management experiences will be an advantage;
  • Experiences on large scale software design and architecture will be preferred;
  • Wide technical horizon and practical experiences in multiple technology stack will be preferred;

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