Senior iOS Developer

What You Will Do

  • Play a developer role in multiple apps used by millions of students and teachers around the world.
  • Cooperate with our UX/UI team to craft beautiful user experiences, and then implement them with equally elegant code. UI is a passion of yours!
  • Work in a collaborative team full of passionate, talented people, who love using and making great apps.
  • Enter a room with only team members and a whiteboard; walk out with an idea and a plan for the next big thing.
  • Make education better. You remember how much education technology lacked, and you are excited to have an opportunity to completely change that.
  • Interface with remote and distributed data sources and APIs
  • Troubleshoot, and performance tune
  • Work closely with the Product Manager, the Mobile Architect and the rest of the mobile team, to continually improve the development process and the product quality
  • Mentor junior members, and share your experiences
  • Contribute to the software architecture, and help to shape the development process
  • Establish time/effort estimations for tasks, to support effective planning

What You Have

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science
  • 5+ years developing iOS applications
  • Mastery of Objective-C / Swift
  • Experience leveraging the iOS SDK and native application development.
  • Solid understanding of UIKit and Cocoa Touch
  • Solid experience of object-oriented design, and modern programming techniques
  • Experience working within a team; you know how to make your point heard, and hear what other people have to say as well.
  • Strong problem solving skills in a fast-paced environment.
  • A demonstrable track record of published, and successful applications
  • Demonstrable skills in algorithm/data structures and creative problem-solving
  • A real passion for technology and innovation
  • A true love and appreciation for well-designed, scalable code. You are intolerant of anything less.
  • Good communication and being able to work independently to deliver iOS applications.

Bonus Skills

  • Familiar with SOLID principles.
  • Familiar with MVVM and/or VIPER.
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Experience architecting medium to large software projects from start to finish.
  • An active contributor to open source software (please provide links to relevant GitHub projects).
  • Have live apps on the AppStore that you have developed (please provide web links).
  • Experience with RxSwift, ReactiveCocoa.
  • Experience with ReactNative.
  • Experience working with Realm, CoreData.
  • Experience working with ARKit, SpriteKit, OpenCV, OpenGLES.
  • Experience working with CoreML.
  • Knowledge of server side development.
  • Experience in Agile methodologies.
  • Experience with Unit Test development.
  • Experience with SwiftLint, OCLint.
  • Experience with Jenkins pipeline.

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