Senior Copywriter

Senior Copywriter

EF College Break

Cambridge, MA, USA


Our Senior Copywriter opportunity lets you combine your strengths in writing, ideation and customer experience development into a unique, rewarding role. You will be a leader in a creative, technology and production team that works to conceptualize and produce high profile work. You’ll be counted on to be a multi-channel copywriting expert, an effective marketing strategist, and an original thinker. The person we are looking for has experience working on multiple projects for multiple teams with overlapping deadlines.


The role:


If you dig writing anything from banner ads to long editorial content to emails to convincing CTAs, if you like to dance with designers (metaphorically or otherwise), if you get all giddy about a great turn of phrase, if your favorite question is, "What's in it for the reader?"...then you're our kind of writer.


The person we are looking for has been around the copy block a few times, maybe even working at an agency before. Regardless, this person will take great pleasure in making international travel irresistible. We do not merely want you to contribute to all the great things we are already working on. We want you to pipe in and say, “Hey, I have some ideas.” Besides pitching your fantastic ideas as part of our team, you will be writing short- and long-form copy for video, interactive properties, travel itineraries, letters, postcards, emails and whatever else comes along for our trip-related products.


Your writing must be sharp and lean. Your grammar should be impeccable. You should be enthusiastic and eager to learn as well as teach. You should be game to do some proofreading from time to time. Of course, you play nice with fast deadlines, you're a master juggler and your best buddies are InDesign and Word.


You want to be rewarded for your efforts and know that you’ve made a difference. You’re responsible, outgoing and organized. You’re comfortable speaking up and doing what it takes to keep a project on schedule and on budget…and make it great. The idea of a cubicle makes you twitch, which is okay because we don’t like them either and you won’t find a single one at our office.



  • Excellent conceptual and writing skills.
  • 6+ years as a copywriter, with agency experience a huge plus.
  • Strong understanding of strategic direction.
  • Strong understanding of direct marketing principles.
  • Highly organized, including the ability to adapt gracefully to changing priorities and multiple projects with a high level of accuracy.
  • Highly motivated, self-starter.
  • Knowledge of InDesign and Word a plus.
  • Successful experience writing in an Agile development environment is helpful.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred.


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