Senior Android Developer


• Develop, and deploy Android based applications using Java and the Android SDK
• Work collaboratively, or in isolation as the situation demands
• Design, develop and test complete applications and also discrete components of larger apps
• Interface with remote and distributed data sources and APIs
• Troubleshoot, and performance tune
• Work closely with the Product Manager, the Mobile Architect and the rest of the mobile team, to continually improve the development process and the product quality
• Mentor junior members, and share your experiences
• Contribute to the software architecture, and help to shape the development process
• Manage a ‘team within the team’ to focus on critical products and features
• Establish time/effort estimations for tasks, to support effective planning


• Bachelor degree in Computer Science
• At least 4 years’ experience writing apps for Android platform
• Solid understanding of UIKit frameworks and the Android SDK
• Experience with building Android projects from the command line with Ant or via Eclipse
• Solid experience of object-oriented design, and modern programming techniques
• A demonstrable track record of published, and successful applications
• Demonstrable skills in algorithm/data structures and creative problem-solving
• A real passion for technology and innovation
• Good spoken and written English

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