Regional Trainer

Do you enjoy helping people develop?

Do you have a passion for teaching?

Do you hold a Cambridge DELTA or Trinity DipTESOL?

Do you have a passion for travel and are interested in living abroad in China?

If so, apply to be a China Regional Trainer. Regional Trainers set new teachers on the path to success, train on accredited qualifications and develop in-center trainers in EFEC schools around China.

About the Job

The regional trainer is responsible, on an individual and team basis, for providing EF products and relevant employees with a variety of services that enable trainees to reach their developmental needs and objectives. These services should motivate staff to stay in the organization. The regional trainer also actively collaborates with regional and in-center staff in order to provide positive learning experiences for trainees.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Coordinates, develops and delivers in-center, regional and national trainings, online and offline as required; Acts as a role model in delivering engaging and effective training.
    Manages onboarding training from pre-service to current service ensuring onboarding objectives are met, i.e. Encourage teachers to stay in EF (i.e. not leave the company) and equip teachers with skills to ensure they pass probation.
  • Delivers externally accredited courses, including the Trinity CertTESOL and Trinity DipTESOL and trains experienced and qualified staff in the region to assist with the delivery of these.
  • Actively collaborates with staff in the region, including CEMs, DoSs, PMs, REMs, Visa Officers, etc.
    Leads In-Center Trainers, Teacher Ambassadors and other qualified staff to increase teachers’ access to training and development.
  • Identifies and develops talent by mentoring trainees who have the relevant skills, competencies and commitment.
  • Engages new teachers pre-arrival using mobile technology to encourage socialization and to deliver information and resources related to living in China and working at EF.
  • Assesses teachers’ suitability to undertake training courses such as the Trinity CertTESOL, DipTESOL, etc. and advises accordingly.
  • Solicits feedback from trainees through surveys and from teachers on their overall experience at EF through regular focus groups.
  • Provides developmental feedback, actively encourages reflective practice in any required observation and follows up on progress.
  • Seeks out opportunities to self-develop (e.g. though training courses, reflective practice, research, attending/presenting at conferences).
  • Stays up-to-date with new learning methodologies, incorporates these into practice where appropriate and shares resources and best practices.
  • Keeps managers informed about trainees’ progress.
  • Motivates trainees to develop through training, observation, team teaching, journaling and other developmental activities.
  • Prioritizes and plans for efficient implementation of work load and considers the needs of EF products and potential return on investment before embarking on projects.

Career plan

This is a position for people who want to develop their skill set both in teacher training (in-class skills, developing training courses and teacher development), running externally accredited training courses (CertTESOL, DipTESOL and TKT Practical) and more general training skills (related to management, communication, relationship building, and peer support), all within a multi-cultural environment.

Minimum Requirements

DipTESOL (65%+ on practical teaching component) / DELTA; C1 level English

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