Local ESL Teacher

Local ESL Teacher
Teachers needed in Mill Creek and Lacey

For the past 50 years, EF Education First has been the world’s leader in international education. We offer students from Europe and Asia (aged 8 -17) the opportunity to spend two to four weeks in the United States to improve their language skills, live with a local host family, and learn about American culture through fun and immersive activities.

Who You Are

Are you passionate about having fun in the classroom? 
Do you push your students to engage and interact rather than take notes and listen to lectures?
Are you always looking for creative ways to bring life and energy to your lessons?
Do you walk the fine line between professional and fun?

If so, this role could be the one for you.

The Role

Spend 2 to 3 weeks teaching morning classes of 15-17 students of varying English proficiency. Utilize EF’s cutting edge curriculum (text books & work books) and methodology to lead interactive and hands-on classes. Add your own “sparkle” to the lesson plans to bring them to life and ensure your students are learning as much as they are having fun. EF provides dedicated face-to-face training as well as online training to ensure that you are prepared for your role.


  • Teach three-to-four half days per week by following the EF curriculum and methodology.
  • Plan and prepare lessons before each class – add “sparkle” to the existing curriculum.
  • Manage the classroom and administer student discipline as needed.
  • Facilitate testing during the course, including marking tests and grading assignments.
  • Oversee completion of the Action Learning Project that students create and develop during their course.
  • Monitor daily attendance and keep up-to-date records and paperwork.
  • Collaborate with the Academic Manager to receive feedback about your performance.

Candidate Profile

  • Enthusiastic, energetic and a natural leader in the classroom.
  • Responsible, approachable and friendly.
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented and punctual.
  • 1+ year of experience teaching ESL in a classroom setting with 15+ students.
  • Able to attend local teacher training session prior to contract commencing.
  • One of the following qualifications:
    • ESL or TEFL certified (Ma in TESOL preferred, TEFL Certification a minimum)
    • Minimum 60 hours online TEFL with EF teaching experience
    • Minimum 60 hours online TEFL blended with a two day practical
    • Minimum 60 hours TEFL (not online)

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