Environmental Sciences Teacher

Role summary: The Environmental Sciences teacher will teach four classes of IB Environmental Systems during September and October 2016. This is a maternity replacement position. EF Academy teachers are exceptional educators who create a stimulating and enriching high school experience for our diverse international student population which represents students from over 75 countries. They embrace EF's vision for preparing students for a future without borders and possess a proven track record of highly effective teaching. They are flexible, creative, knowledgeable, global minded and strive to be unforgettable teachers. We support the personal, social and academic development of students and contribute to extra-curricular clubs, service learning and/or sports programs.

Teacher Responsibilities:

Include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Plan and teach 4 classes in Environment Sciences.
  • Differentiate instruction and assessments for individual student needs and support the majority of students whose first language is not English.
  • Provide timely feedback to students and utilize a data driven approach to teaching and learning.
  • Use a range of technologies and creative teaching styles.
  • Maintain up-to-date records of assessments, attendance, planning, syllabus and reports.
  • Work cooperatively with subject area teachers planning lessons, sharing resources, and cross grading. 
  • Develop assessment tasks using a range of formative assessment tools.
  • Plan and carry out experiential learning experiences for students which link to classroom learning.
  • Keep parents informed about student progress by writing academic progress reports.
  • Maintain regular office hours and after school help for students.
  • Participate in student induction week activities and student placement testing.
  • Promote positive school relationships, with regular communication to the guidance counselors.
  • Be enthusiastic and resourceful in creating meaningful learning experiences for high school students.
  • Be a positive and collaborative member of the school community in all interactions with colleagues and students.

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