Director of Studies


The DOS manages the academic team in a center, reporting to the Centre Director (CD),

consulting with the Production Managers (PM) and working alongside the Sales and Service

teams to ensure the academic integrity of the language programs run at the center and the

development of the center as a unit.





  • College/University graduate
  • A recognized TEFL qualification
  • A minimum of 3 years EFL teaching experience
  • Computer literate (Proficient in MS Office Package)
  • Evidence of committal to professional development
  • Previous supervisory experience, preferably in an educational environment



  • Diploma level EFL teaching qualification and/or Masters in TEFL or related subject
  • Experienced in teaching all age groups offered at EF Kids (3-18 years old students)
  • Previous management experience in multicultural environments (preferably Asia/China)



  • Highly Motivated
  • Driven, proactive and ambitious
  • Strong inter-personal skills
  • Flexible, able to work under pressure and adapt to change
  • Detail-oriented
  • Strong communication skills
  • Business and service minded
  • Friendly, approachable, supportive and fair
  • Committed to continuing professional development (self and staff)
  • Professional and of smart appearance



The DOS works for 40 hours per week distributed in agreement with the CD, including academic classroom hours.


The DOS is required to work 5 days per week during the non-peak season and 6 days per week during the peak seasons. Management duties may occasionally require hours above 40 per week.


The DOS may have duties in the center or off-site. The DOS is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the smooth and efficient running of the EF center in which they work. Management duties may occasionally require hours above 40 per week.




  1. Communication

Can build relations by developing, maintaining, and strengthening partnerships with others inside or outside the organization by providing information, assistance, and support.

  • The DOS is required to have a full understanding of the needs of the different staff members working for EF English First and have a strong awareness of the customer requirements.
  • The DOS needs to be an effective communicator skilled at influencing the team in the best interest of EF English First. Communication is subdivided into the following levels:


  1. Academic Team Level
  • Organize and lead regular academic team meetings and effectively communicate management decisions and company updates to teachers
  • Increase cultural appreciation for the different nationalities working within the team and awareness of the needs of the different departments operating within
  • Maintain effective communication between co-teachers
  • Develop and maintain an effective professional relationship with members of the academic team


  1. Centre Level
  • Meet regularly with the CD and other supervisors to exchange all relevant information
  • Implement academic changes resulting from company developments and group decisions, in agreement with the CD
  • Work closely with the CD and other supervisors to ensure the effective interdepartmental co-operation
  • Pro-actively develop open channels of communication between academic team and other teams within the centre
  • Attend and lead weekly staff meeting in order to liaise with the sales and service teams in case of student level change, complaints, student disciplinary matters, academic queries and course management duties
  • Deal with staff (Teachers, CD, Service and Sales) concerns promptly and effectively, communicating needs to other managers/departments as necessary
  • Provide the CD and other supervisors with copies of the academic team meeting minutes


  1. Regional Level
  • Consult with the Regional PM regarding the academic quality, concerns and projects in the centre
  • Pro-actively develop open channels of communication with other DOSs in the region
  • Mentor new Director or Studies’ within your region as assigned by the Regional PM
  • Keep EF English First Regional office informed of, and seek approval for, changes regarding the centers academic program and systems
  • Share center initiatives and best practice with other centers in the network
  • Share Center performance and plans with Regional PMs every month
  • Attend monthly DOS meetings
  • Attend annual DOS conference (requires travel)


  1. Scheduling & Teacher Utility

Demonstrate concern for satisfying internal & external customers

  • Liaise with the CD to ensure the effective scheduling of classes, extra-curricular activities and events in accordance with EF English First Guidelines
  • Understand the how group size and utility affect the performance of the centre and assist the CD in scheduling teachers and classes in the best interest of the center
  • Schedule the DOS and teachers the required number of academic classroom hours in accordance with EF English First Guidelines and maximize staff efficiency and effectiveness within the forty-hour working week in agreement with the CD
  • Maintain and ensure the accuracy of the center schedule in order to effectively communicate; class times, course management procedures, administrative and extracurricular duties to all staff members in accordance with the EF English First Guidelines
  • Schedule and co-ordinate the placement testing of learners to ensure maximum teacher availability (in agreement with CD)
  • Substitute and arrange cover for classes in the best interest of the center
  • Ensure LiFE Clubs, Study Clubs and Parent Academies are scheduled in accordance with the EF English First Guidelines


  1. Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Helping to developing others through delegating responsibility & coaching. Fostering teamwork to demonstrate interest, skill, & success in getting groups to work together

  • Train and induct teachers in operational procedures and EF English First company products through the leading and facilitation of the Regional and In Centre Induction Programs according to guidelines provided
  • Arrange observation of each teacher on a quarterly basis according to EF English First guidelines
  • Conduct teacher appraisals on set frequency following consultation with the CD and other supervisors
  • Provide regular training to the sales, service and management team regarding the academic product and any updates or changes during the non-peak season
  • Taking an active role in personal assessment and development
  • Encourage, facilitate and participate in the professional development of teachers
  • Lead and/or arrange regular seminars and workshops in teacher development during the non-peak season
  • Co-operate with the other Directors of Studies in the region to arrange and facilitate academic workshops
  • Participate in all seminars offered by the Regional/National Support Team


  1. Product Development & Support

Showing entrepreneurial spirit through creating opportunities and taking initiative to achieve business goals & doing what needs to be done before being asked or the situation requires it

  • Assist Product Development in the testing and implementation of new EF products
  • Pro-actively monitor the effectiveness of the EF products and provide appropriate feedback through established channels


  1. Academic Administration

Being results orientated by setting challenging and achievable goals and focusing efforts to

meet or exceed these goals.

  • Become familiar with EF English First company products and procedures
  • Work with the CD, PM and teachers to ensure and / maintain the academic quality of the center
  • Oversee the work, development and behavior of students within the center
  • Co-ordinate and implement all new operational procedures in a timely manner
  • Be familiar with the EF Contract, work manual and Employment & Payroll system
  • Maintain teacher personal files, including New Hire Form, CV, and classroom observation and appraisal forms
  • Manage the teacher holiday, sick leave and disciplinary action through the Employment & Payroll system
  • Prepare the monthly payroll for the academic team for the approval of the CD
  • Develop, maintain and enhance administrative systems in co-operation with the Regional PM.
  • Complete and send the monthly DOS report and required supporting documents to the Regional PM and RD
  • Monitor and ensure the regular timely completion of all Teacher Pages administration
  • Monitor and ensure an efficient filing system for all academic based Course management procedure administration
  • Organize and participate in promotional activities as directed by the CD and Regional Support Team
  • Ensure the recording, sharing and filing of academic team meeting minutes


  1. Facilities & Resources

Understand and effectively manage resources by measurement, planning and control of resources to maximise results through the evaluation of all internal and external customer satisfaction and service costs.

  • Train teachers to send product and IT related NEMO (EFs proprietary IT profile system)
  • Become familiar with and maintain the academic folder on the server
  • Maintain an effective filing system for academic materials
  • Manage and maintain an inventory of academic equipment belonging to the center
  • Ensure Interactive Whiteboards (IWB’s) are in working order and well maintained
  • Train teachers in sensible resource management
  • Train teachers in maintaining a presentable center and well-organized teachers’ room
  • Ensure maintenance of wall displays in the center to create an atmosphere conducive to learning in conjunction with and approval of the Centre Director


  1. Classroom Teaching

Good pedagogic knowledge and experience and the ability to transform this in to results

  • Teach professional courses based on customer needs
  • Provide lessons to the highest standards using a variety of motivating techniques
  • Maintain awareness of new theories and methodology
  • Always seek to develop and update skills

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