Digital Training Content Writer


As a Digital Training Content Strategist/Writer, you’ll be responsible for administration of the EF Online Global Teacher Training Systems as well as content creation, optimization, and publication. You will work remotely with management teams from across the globe and in-person within EF Labs to ensure that the EF Online Teacher Training e-learning portfolio is effective, efficient, and engaging for teachers, while meeting training priority requirements specified by internal customers, platform developers, and other stakeholders.


  • You have experience with effective teacher training and development
  • You have some experience with e-learning or digital training development
  • You have the ability to provide and receive constructive feedback in the content writing process
  • You have the ability to consistently and reliably meet deadlines
  • You have some experience producing media for training purposes
  • You are comfortable with technology, and willing to learn new skills
  • You have an eye for detail

Main responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain training syllabuses
    • Remote training needs assessment
  • Write e-learning content for the EF Online Global Teacher Training System
    • Training tutorials
    • Training media
    • Learning objective assessment
  • Optimization and regular updates to existing material
  • Research and testing related to e-learning practices and platforms


  • College/University graduate
  • CELTA or equivalent (DELTA or equivalent preferred)
  • A minimum of 4 years teaching experience
  • A proven record of teacher development and/or project management
  • Online teaching and training experience is an advantage
  • Familiarity with software development methodologies and processes is an advantage

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