Center Operations Manager中心服务运营经理

 Responsible for center operations performance, customer experience and service operations team management; support CGM and collaborate with center other cross-functional leaders to create a customer-focused service organization. This role will focus on three primary areas: 1) Create high level of service and excellent customer experience; 2) Service operations staff satisfaction and talent development; 3) Center cost control and operating process optimization.


Assist CGM to create a customer-focused service organization, where customer can enjoy their learning experience at an EF center.



Drive customer satisfaction through improvement of key satisfaction indicators, eg. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Student Lifecycle Management service coverage and exceptional cases handling (eg. refund, complaints).

通过考核客户满意度指标提升客户满意度,常用的考核指标有Net Promoter Score (NPS)、学生学习周期管理服务覆盖率,对退款或投诉等特殊案列的处理等。


Ownership of center facility management, ensuring pleasant physical environment and excellent English learning atmosphere.



Lead service operations team to collaborate with center sales in providing streamlined post-sales service, which ultimately contributes to the growth of center net internal revenue, including course renewal, upgrade and referral.



Facilitate service operations staff job satisfaction, competency enhancement and career development.


Carry out other administrative duties at this role, including but not limited to service operations staff performance measurement and bonus calculation, etc.


Work with CGM and regional RED on operations staff hiring and retention.



Assess center staff service operations training needs; identify resources; work with NSO team to develop and provide training; on-the-job evaluate training results.



Responsible for center operating process optimization: bridge between center and central teams by collecting, analyzing and prioritizing voices of customers; communicate recommendations back to the central service operations team for strategy formulation.



Work with central service operations team in implementing national policies and processes, ensuring center’s operations is compliance with national standards.



Work with CEM to design center course schedule and optimize schedule.

和中心CEM 共同制定中心课表并及时调整优化课表。

Support CGM in optimizing center cost.

协助CGM 进行中心成本优化管理。

Other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Company when needed.


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