Center Manager

Job Overview:

The Center Manager is responsible for the overall management of an EF Franchise school. Duties encompass the hiring and training of both local and expatriate staff, running a sales operation and operating the school day-to-day.

Supervision Relationship:

The Center Manager is reporting directly to school investor

Roles and responsibilities:

  • The Center Director should follow the regulations of the local government and procedures of EF franchise operation to increase the value the organization and human capital:
  • Marketing - Plan and executive school marketing activities to build, maintain and promote the EF English First and name in the local market, attract potential customers for telephone and visits, sales and re-sales.
  • Operations - Work with the Director of Studies to implement the Operations Manual and to ensure teaching quality continually improves.
  • Sales - Supervise the senior course consultant and the sales team to improve the sales process, monitor the sales team and meet budgeted sales targets.
  • Recruiting and Training - Be in charge of staff employment, ensure all staff receive appropriate training and participate in evaluations of both Chinese and foreign staff.
  • Finance and Accounting - Ensure accounting tasks are carried out effectively and clearly; create annual budget, arrange the payment of reasonable expenses according to budget and approved guidelines
  • Logistics - Ensure that all departments have timely and effective logistics support.
  • Technology and Systems - Make sure IT and computer equipment meets the English First standard. Ensure that all relevant information is registered in properly in the production system.

Career Path:

Center Manager-City General Center Manager


  • Bachelor’s degree and above;
  • Over 7 years of work experience with more than 3 years team management experience;
  • Work experience in sales and marketing is strongly preferred. Has experience of handling P&L;
  • Has passion for education industry, enjoy multinational work environment;
  • Has fluent oral English communication skills;
  • Mature, be able to work under great pressure;
  • Logical, organized, has strong business sense and with good vision;
  • Strong leadership and be able to motivate team, lead team and coach team;
  • Highly motivated, fast learning and self-development ability.

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