Center Director



  • Min. College/University graduate
  • High level of English proficiency
  • Strong sales and marketing experience
  • A minimum of 5 years of management experience
  • Proven track record in sales, marketing or operation function
  • Computer literate (Proficient in MS Office Package)
  • Evidence of committal to professional development
  • Proven strong leadership


  • MBA or DBA preferred
  • Experience in relevant industry
  • Multi-cultural working or educational background


Personal Profile

  • Possesses Strong inter-personal skill
  • Entrepreneur spirit
  • Strategic and logical thinking
  • Strong organization and analytical skill
  • Positive mindset
  • Detail oriented
  • Able to show initiative, share ideas and best practice
  • Friendly, approachable, supportive and fair
  • Committed to continuing professional development (with self and staff)
  • Able to work under pressure and adapt to change
  • Professional and of smart appearance
  • Responsive to the needs and interests of staff and students
  • Acts in the best interest of the company and its clients
  • Exemplifies a model of professional conduct
  • Very strong service minded


Working Hours and Locations

The center Director is required to work 5 days a week, including 3 days during week days and 2 days during weekend.


Main Responsibilities

General management

  • Administrate disciplinary measure when needed
  • Ensure the welfare of all local and expatriate staff

School P&L

  • Be responsible to the overall profitability of the center.


  • Achieve the monthly, quarterly and annual new sales targets and center growth
  • Recruit and build a very competent sales team.
  • Provide the induction about product knowledge and sales procedure to the new sales staff.
  • Conduct the regular workshop to train and coach the sales team to enhance their sales skill and product knowledge.
  • Keep Improving the sales process and competency by monitoring KPI on a weekly basis.


  • Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction rate
  • Ensure close follow-up and quick solution to the customer feedback
  • Recruit and build a very competent service team
  • Provide the induction and ongoing training about product knowledge, CMP and retention procedure to the new service staff.
  • Implement the high quality CMP and keep improving the retention rate by monitoring KPI on a weekly basis.


  • Plan and execute school marketing activities to build, maintain and promote the EF English First brand name in the local market, attract potential customers for telephone and visits, sales and re-sales
  • Develop the school marketing activities according to the guideline and submit to regional marketing on time.
  • Regularly build and update the strategic map of the school including competitive intelligence
  • Own and lead the channel marketing and partnership development according to the strategic map of the school.
  • Support regional marketing to source the offline marketing sites and monitor execution onsite
  • Update the school news on the EF website
  • Provide the demo class and life club schedule to TMK on time
  • Ensure accurate stationary and POSM inventory management
  • Work with DOS to schedule academic support for all central office marketing and life club activities


  • Maintain the high academic level in the center
  • Interview and induct the Director of Studies into the center. Train the DOS to understand and support the sales, marketing and operation matters in the center.
  • Conduct the performance appraisal of the DOS on a quarterly basis.
  • Interview the local teachers short-listed by the DOS and make recruitment decision.
  • Meet with DOS on a regular basis to ensure the smooth academic operation and maximize the utility
  • Maintain and ensure the accuracy of the centre’s schedule in order to effectively communicate; class times, course management procedures, administrative and extra curricular duties to all staff members in accordance with the EF English First Guidelines
  • Ensure the successful implementation of the new product launch in the center


  • Ensure the effective production to maximize the center profitability
  • Ensure the accurate and complete recording of the production details in the system on time.
  • Manage and maintain the speed of production according to the defined KPIs.

Finance and accounting

  • Monitor and support the execution of finance policy in the center
  • Closely monitor the school spending within the budget. Ensure the expense application in the correct cost centers.
  • Ensure accurate and safe cash management
  • Ensure accurate and efficient school inventory in stationary, teaching materials, text books and promotional items
  • Oversee payroll and bonus calculation and allocation as appropriate
  • Ensure rational headcount budget

Facility management and maintenance

  • Coordination with BD team in any school construction/opening/maintenance related issues
  • Oversee all equipment installation and maintenance
  • Ensure the clean center and professional looking staff
  • Ensure the professional and up-to-date school signage, boards and all kinds of displays
  • Ensure the safety of the students and staff

Technology and systems

  • Make sure IT and computer equipment meets the English First standard. Ensure that all relevant information is registered in properly in the production system.
  • Responsible for opening new staff system account and administration
  • Train staff to send NEMO responses for Product and IT issues.
  • Train staff to protect EF information property


  • Be familiar with EF English First company products, procedures and policies
  • Co-ordinate and implement all new operational procedures in a timely manner
  • Oversee the work, development and behavior of students within the centre.
  • Maintain all staff personal files, including New Hire Form, CV, and appraisal forms.
  • Maintain an effective filing system for student contract, students files, academic materials
  • Become familiar with the EF Contract, work manual and HRO system.
  • Manage the staff holiday, sick leave and termination requests through the HRO system.
  • Prepare and submit the monthly payroll for team of the center
  • Develop, maintain and enhance administrative systems
  • Ensure the recording, sharing and filing of school meeting minutes.
  • Complete and send the monthly CM report and required supporting documents to RD

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