Backend - Services Software Developer

EdTech Common Services Team 


EF is investing in new software innovation products for the next generation of Education experiences. We are modernising our tech stack and our development processes; and building a strong team of engineers to completely own code and infrastructure for our Common Services. We’re looking for individuals who love to grow and solve new and interesting problems.

We’re not overly obsessive about tech stacks that you may have used - but value any experience with building modern, dynamic and complex systems.

The Role

We’re looking for talented engineers to help us utilize, adapt and innovate new technology and experiences for Education and Learning the English language.

Common Services works across all product teams to build shared services that will power our next generation of Learner experiences. Our goal is to build a world class platform that aids our developers in creating world class experiences!

You will be a part of a new team which values quality, code coverage and good code design. You will own everything related to backend and data but will also contribute to architectural decisions regarding the system. 


  • Work with engineering leadership to drive engineering quality and standards.
  • Work with others to implement features on time and specification.
  • Break down complex problems and implement simple solutions, while collaborating with engineers across the stack.
  • Drive yourself to understand the context and system in which your code operates.
  • Proactively seek to close communication gaps, knowledge gaps and understanding gaps.
  • Deliver high quality, maintainable code.
  • Work with existing code bases and learn the mechanics of existing applications.

Requirements, Experience and Skills

  • Bachelor/Master degree in an Engineering/Science discipline.
  • Experience working as part of an agile software development team in production.
  • Good understanding of design patterns - whether OOP or functional.
  • Good understanding of the fundamentals of HTTP, web security, oAuth2, service scalability, asynchronous programming, API design, stateless services, and more.
  • Good understanding of various CI/CD pipelines, testing methodologies, service deployments, release processes.
  • Experience working with cloud services such as AWS or GCP.
  • Ability to write maintainable, easy to understand and testable code.
  • Git, git-flow and CI systems.
  • Relational/non-relational DB’s.
  • Docker and Kubernetes are a plus.Experience with Golang, Python desirable but not essential.

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