Academic Training Manager

You are responsible for supporting the national academic quality for Education First schools, China Franchise. You are to primarily focus on improving the quality of the training contents (EF products and teaching skills) and supporting the training programs (especially teacher induction) at the schools. You will also support standard EF product and systems usage to ensure that all our teachers deliver and exceed customers’ expectations.

To do the above, you need to:

  • Align training materials and resources for CN FRA to that of CN OWN, promoting to schools the standardized contents & tools for Products & Systems/ New Teacher Induction/ Skills Training and Observations & Feedback.
  • Coordinate with the Academic Operations Managers (AOMs) and school academic managers (Production Managers and Directors of Studies) to ensure successful facilitation of above programs
  • Be available when needed to facilitate and demonstrate the training programs onsite (at the schools)
  • Set up a central system to monitor quality of the training programs delivered with the AOMs and regularly report back with any issues identified.   

 Role Description:

The role is based at SH Headquarters but will require travelling and is under the E1 Kids & Teens Production TeamThe role will be reporting to the National Production Director of E1 China Franchise.

Due to the amount of alignment and sharing expected, the role will also have a dotted reporting line to the National Academic Training Manager of E1 China Own.

And frequent continued communication with the following roles is expected:

  • Academic Operations Managers (CNFRA Central)
  • Regional Directors (CNFRA Central)
  • National Academic Recruitment and Certification Director (CNFRA Central)
  • Production Managers (CNFRA Local)
  • Directors of Studies (CNFRA Local)

Tentatively, there are two main responsibilities. Below, each one is described in more detail.

Training content alignment and development

While the primary aim is to utilize/implement the training structure/content used by E1 CNO, there will be some areas that require personalization and adjustments given the Franchise is a different business unit with some unique needs. In such cases, the role may require that the Academic Training Manager creates/develops new materials that are sustainable and suited to the needs of those regions.

Monitoring academic training completion

The role does not require that the Academic Training Manager to facilitate the actual trainings in all cities. However, it does require that the Academic Training Manager:

  • Sets up standard induction training programs/ schedule for the schools
  • With the AOMs, identifies main academic stakeholders to facilitate actual trainings
  • Guides, supports and liaises with academic managers to ensure facilitation of training
  • Gathers feedback and continuously finds ways to improve the quality and delivery of training

Such academic training coverage/support includes (but not limited to):

  • New teacher induction and probationary observation support
  • Ongoing skills training support
  • Mentor program coordination
  • IKEF/ OMNI/ EFEKTA training support
  • EF Product training support (academic and local staff)
  • Central academic training and cross function boot camps

Training Coverage Characteristics

The following characteristics are a brief overview of the standard school training coverage that the Academic Training Manager coordinates completion per city/region.

Please note below a reference from China Own, the actual coverage will be coordinated with the academic stakeholders mentioned in Section 3. Role description.

Teacher Observations

  • Prepare observation schedules and communicate
  • Conduct in class observations
  • Give feedback and set action plans
  • Follow up (with teacher and school)

Regional Induction

  • Conduct RI sessions
  • Support session discovery work
  • Provide feedback to schools about teacher performance
  • Manage session content
  • Commute to and from schools, regional offices and training venue
Mentor Program
  • Manage scheduling of sessions at CPD hubs
  • Mentor teachers and senior teachers
  • Train trainers of mentor program
  • Track results of mentor program
  • Manage session content
Communication Meetings
  • School visits to meet with PM/RD/DoS/CD
  • Check NADP completion in schools (pink, blue, green books)
Professional Development
  • Observe monthly skills hub sessions
  • Conduct extra academic sessions
  • Support hub management and content development
  • Support Teacher Conference by mentoring organizers and delivering one session
On boarding and Certification observations
  • Support Teacher Recruitment and Training with both on-boarding sessions and observations for the Certificate TESOL and Diploma TESOL on demand
Personal Qualities

The Academic Training Manager is a dedicated and passionate role model for teachers and school staff and should demonstrate the below qualities:

  • Passion
  • Initiative
  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Development of others
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Problem solving and computer literacy
  • Organization and a can-do attitude
  • Ability to use stress/challenges as a learning opportunity


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