Change Adoption Analyst

Core Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the successful adoption of changed processes, products, and technologies within Echo, and understanding our organization’s ability to absorb the change
  • Build and execute a “Change Adoption Plan” to ensure integration of new systems and processes: incorporate industry best practices, conduct internal and external benchmarking, implement standards, key measures, and metrics
    • Includes completion of a change impact assessment for each initiative (process gap analysis, change impact rating)
    • Building communication, training, post-rollout support plans; pull in HR if necessary
    • Ensure that adoption success goals are identified
    • Constructing rollout plans and gaining buy-in from business stakeholders
  • Effectively project manage change exercises to ensure core timelines are met and tasks are completed
  • Create training / SOP documentation
    • Examples could include user guides, quick reference cards, video tutorials, or e-learnings
  • If needed, facilitate training (T3 or full rollout if needed)
    • Schedule dry runs to determine training goals will be met
  • Ensure changes are integrated into users’ day-to-day as designed; meeting adopting success goals
  • Learn and develop an understanding of the Echo’s business, technology, and core processes associated
  • Evangelize change - be the ultimate change champion!


Required Experience & Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Business Administration, Education, or similar area
  • 2-5 business experience, or any equivalent combination of experience, change management, IT, instructional design, education, and/or training
  • Communication Skills
    • The ability to communicate verbally and in writing with all levels of employees and management, capable of successful formal and informal communication, speaks and writes clearly and understandably at the right level
  • Integrity and Trust
    • Involves being widely trusted, being seen as a direct, truthful individual, can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner, keeps confidences, admits mistakes, and doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain
  • Teamwork
    • Involves working well in a collaborative setting, supporting work team by volunteering for and completing assignments, acting as a positive team member by contributing to discussions, developing and maintaining both formal and informal relationships enterprise-wide, defines success in terms of the entire team through mentoring and knowledge transfer
  • Technical Expertise
    • Involves demonstrating a commitment to increasing knowledge and skills in change management area, keeping up to date on the latest developments, staying informed as to industry practices, knowing how to apply relevant change methodology to appropriate business needs
  • Customer Focus
    • Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal/external customers, gets customer information and uses it for improvements, acts with the customer in mind, establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.
  • Dedication
    • Involves demonstrating a desire to dedicate time and energy to accomplish goals, tasks, assignments, etc. Will do what it takes to get things done.
  • Partnership
    • Acts as valued partner to the business, develops relationships with the customer, deals honestly and effectively with business partners, is seen in a positive light by the business/customer
  • Patience
    • Involves listening and checking before acting. Is tolerant with people and processes, tries to understand the people and the data before making judgments and acting, sensitive to due process and proper approaches
  • Task Management / Project Management
    • Delivers quality work on time, translates planning into action by following applicable established procedures or methodologies, proactively monitors and controls task/project status by collecting and analyzing data to anticipate and address barriers, appropriately communicates and resolves or escalates any problems that arise

 All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, status as a qualified individual with a disability, or Vietnam era or other protected veteran.

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