Conduct research on innovative, high-quality English language assessments

Duolingo is looking for a world-class expert in psychometrics, with the desire and ability to support quantitative psychometric and operational research. You will join Duolingo’s growing research team and contribute to agile, ongoing development of the Duolingo English Test, supporting our efforts to advance Duolingo’s mission through science.


  • Work with talented researchers, engineers, and designers to bring cutting-edge, research-driven assessment instruments to life
  • Help develop quality control processes to monitor test item and score integrity
  • Conduct studies related to the validity of test scores
  • Share research findings with a variety of stakeholders: through blogs, technical reports, conference presentations (AERA/NCME, IACAT, etc.), and peer-reviewed journals (Journal of Educational Measurement, Language Testing, Psychometrika, etc.)


  • PhD in psychometrics, educational measurement, or a related field
  • 2+ years of work experience in an education-related field (academia or industry)
  • Research expertise and publication record in the field of psychometrics/educational measurement
  • Outstanding interpersonal communication and organizational skills
  • Experience with the design, development, and analysis of computer-adaptive tests
  • Evidence of innovation in psychometric research/analysis
  • Excellent skills in open-source data science tools, such as R and Python
  • A desire to make the world a better place through technology
  • Ability to relocate to Pittsburgh, PA


  • 5+ years of post-PhD experience working in a language education-related field
  • Awareness of machine learning or natural language processing techniques, and an open mind as to how they can be integrated with more traditional psychometrics
  • Familiarity with standard language proficiency frameworks (CEFR preferred)
  • Experience in language assessment
  • Proficiency in other languages

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