Freelance Language Teaching Expert, Arabic

Use your expertise in teaching Arabic to help Duolingo users learn better.

Duolingo is looking for an experienced instructor of Modern Standard Arabic who is a native speaker of any variety of Arabic. If you have experience designing Arabic language curricula and creating different types of language exercises, as well as some linguistic training, this position is perfect for you.


  • Help design a new curriculum for our Modern Standard Arabic for English speakers course.
  • Create course content that effectively teaches a variety of skills, including grammar, listening, and reading comprehension.


  • Strong interest in the mission of Duolingo.
  • Experience teaching Modern Standard Arabic as a second language (ideally at college level and to native speakers of English).
  • Native proficiency in Arabic and mastery of Modern Standard Arabic.
  • Linguistic training is a big plus.
  • Basic computer skills (Google docs, spreadsheets).
  • Ability to work 20-40 hours a week.
  • Work authorization in the country of residence.

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