Sr. Graphic Designer

Team Description 

Our mission is to bring a magical work experience to Dropboxers. We're an internal self-guided team that brings together internal design, communication, and social engineering. Our work aims to bring the company's mission and values to life through unusual and delightful experiences. Our design solutions reflect our culture and not our product, and so we work outside of our external brand style guide. This allows us to aim higher with each new project and push our skill sets to always be experimenting aesthetically while maintaining the element of surprise.

Role Description

We bring delight (cupcake) to the daily lives of Dropboxers and ensure our company remains feeling small and inclusive as we scale. As a designer, you'll be translating this intangible charter into tangible, meaningful results. Working with clients around Dropbox, you'll develop ideas for how we can make this company feel great via art and design, but also have the full freedom to craft solutions in any medium and style you feel appropriate for the project. 


  • Work with teammates and contractors to execute your vision
  • Pioneer expressions of art never before seen in workplaces, let alone the tech industry
  • Ability to effectively handle a variety of requests on deadline, while being flexible to adjusting priorities
  • Incorporate empathy and maintain an open awareness of the constant evolving culture of Dropbox


  • 5+ years of design experience
  • Strong conceptual thinker
  • Experience in graphic design for a physical product
  • Receptive to critique, feedback, and open communication
  • Embody a versatile set of skills
  • Intellectually curious and learn quickly, always eager to improve and grow
  • Proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Equally effective going solo or working with teams
  • Passionate, personable, and eager to meet hundreds of Dropboxers

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