Software Engineer - Release

Team Description 

Our Engineering team is architecting a family of products that handle over a billion files a day. We take on the complexities of technology that affect everyday life, so that people can get back to living and doing their best work.

Role Description

How would you release updates and changes to one of the world's most popular desktop applications without users ever noticing a glitch?  How would you enable rapid iteration for dozens of developers on an application with over 100 million active users spread across 11 different operating systems?  
The Desktop Platform Release Engineering team is going to make the Dropbox desktop client the fastest shipping major desktop application in the world.  
Building, validating, and shipping code at our scale and cadence requires a deep commitment to large scale automation and tooling.  These are real, complex engineering challenges requiring disciplined, experienced engineers.  No cobbled-together chain of off-the-shelf tools will solve the problems we need to solve.
As a software engineer focusing on release, you will tackle these challenges every day, building world-class tooling and infrastructure to enable developers to ship software quickly, safely, and easily.  You will play an integral role keeping development of Dropbox’s flagship product humming and our millions of loyal users happy.


  • Craft and maintain fully automated CI infrastructure for the desktop client platform.
  • Streamline, standardize, and automate build and release processes.  Focus on scale and efficiency.
  • Design tooling for repeatable, reliable, and consistent development and test environments.


  • Bachelor degree or equivalent experience is required for this role.
  • Strong skill with one or more scripting languages, Python experience highly desired
  • Solid understanding of source code version control systems, branching, merging, etc. 
  • Strong familiarity with configuration management and continuous integration systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of at least one: Unix/Linux, Windows, OSX; multi-platform experience highly desired.
  • Experience automating release and build processes desired.

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