Software Engineer Intern (Summer 2017)

Team Description 

Our engineering team is working to simplify the way people work together. They’re building a family of products that handle over a billion files a day for people around the world. With our broad mission and massive scale, there are countless opportunities to make an impact.

Role Description

The Dropbox internship program is a top-notch learning experience for engineering students from all backgrounds. Dropbox interns are paired up with dedicated mentors committed to guiding them to success and providing consistent, helpful feedback.  Interns have ownership over their project and are encouraged to collaborate with full-time engineers to get them finished successfully.  Our goal is to provide the best learning experience possible (not to mention the huge variety of social events that help interns create friends, mentors and networks for life!)
Creating elegant products begins with lots of prototyping and iteration to explore the problem space. We care deeply about collaboration and feedback during the iterative development process. It culminates in careful attention to edge cases and error handling, polished code, and great tests to ensure that we ship a reliable product that never compromises data integrity or security. Every Dropbox software release reaches hundreds of millions of people, and the user-to-engineer and petabyte-to-engineer ratio are very high here.


As an intern, there are many different types of roles and teams that you can have an impact on. Open positions are based on team and business need. Interns at Dropbox go toe-to-toe with full-time engineers. Here are some of the things you might do:
  • On the product engineering team, you’ll build delightful full-stack user experiences that solve real customer needs and drive tons of $$ for Dropbox  - across backend, api, desktop, mobile and web.
  • On the infrastructure engineering team, you’ll craft the building blocks that let us scale Dropbox to handle millions of concurrent connections, hundreds of billions of files and hundreds of petabytes of data.
  • As an analytics engineer, you’ll measure, optimize and build one of the industry’s most advanced analytics platforms to derive meanings from vast amounts of data. Our analytics platform processes more data than many other analytics companies combined. 
  • Mobile engineers are Objective-C, Swift, Java and C++ wizards - they know the ins and outs of the iOS and Android SDK and can weave and bend the API’s to their will to craft the Dropbox client experience on mobile devices. They also build the backend systems that power the mobile experiences and optimize the protocol between client and server for reliability, efficiency and speed.
  • Web engineers are responsible for our website - and They do everything product engineers do but they’re also deeply interested in building a fast, scalable and responsive Dropbox experience for the modern web, using cutting-edge tools like Typescript, React and Redux.
  • Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) live dangerously on the boundary of software and hardware - they have a deep understanding of the internals of our products, but they’re also interested in ensuring our products work well on real-world hardware in our data centers. They build the software and automation that controls the hardware that runs our products, and they’re the first line of defense when there’s something wrong with our production infrastructure or services.
  • People trust Dropbox to keep their data secure, and at Dropbox we rely on our security engineers to secure our products and poke holes them. Security engineering encompasses consulting with product teams to secure the software we build and securing our production infrastructure, our website, desktop and mobile apps and our corporate IT infrastructure and devices. Security engineers are software engineers with a deep interest in building software that is secure yet easy to use. An interest in the shadowy computer underworld is a definite plus!


  • Computer Science (or similar) students that are currently pursuing an Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D.
  • If you have experience writing or shipping software as part of internships, personal projects, coding competitions or research and the work we do at Dropbox resonates with you, we’d love to learn more about you.
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  • Please note that candidates who require a J-1 visa must also eligible for an alternative visa option when they eventually will be taking a full-time role. Alternative visa options are limited to TN visas (Canadian and Mexican citizens), E-3 visas (Australian citizens), or H-1B1 visas (Singaporean and Chilean citizens). An H-1B is not a viable visa alternative for consideration in this role. If you are not eligible for any of the alternative visas listed for full-time roles, we will not be able to move forward in the interview process

Below please include a personal email address rather than a school email address so that Dropbox may communicate effectively with you.

Meet Some of Dropbox's Employees

Giancarlo L.

Head, Digital Demand Generation

Giancarlo manages Dropbox's digital demand generation efforts. He and his team work to increase Dropbox's brand awareness and deliver a pleasant user experience through marketing.

Renu G.

Account Executive, Global Accounts & Partnerships

Renu educates prospective enterprise clients on how Dropbox can help them solve their collaboration challenges. Then she maintains the relationship by helping clients maximize the service for their particular business.

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