Analyst - Strategic Sales Services

Position Summary

The Posting/Stewardship/Yield Management Analyst oversees the day-to-day Posting, Stewardship & Yield Management needs/activities for Nielsen-measured networks. Responsibilities also include the producing of various reports and analyses, quality control of data and systems for data integrity and working with the IT group in making sure systems are operating effectively and efficiently.


1. Coordinate and handle the monthly execution of the posting process through Deal Builder and Gabriel - working closely with AdSales, our IT Staff and third party posting vendor. Also, oversee any special posting requests as they arise. – 30%
2. Assist in the effort to decrease network(s) liability by providing weekly liability report updates along with a list of booked ADU/Recap units to help manage inventory. – 25%
3. Support Ad Sales Management, Line Sales and DCL/Joint Venture nets by providing advertiser level stewardship reporting for all National accounts including, but not limited to, liability, overdelivery and Recapturable Units reporting. – 20%
4. Monitor and quality control all data and systems (Deal Builder/Gabriel/Posting/Stewardship) for data integrity. Also, research, monitor, track and help to rectify Posting/Stewardship discrepancies on a regular basis so that completed deals may be closed during the quarterly Closing of Deals process for which we are responsible. – 20%
5. Work with the IT group to make sure systems are operating effectively and efficiently – helping to develop necessary system enhancements as business needs demand. – 5%


Preferred candidate should have 1-2 years experience in an analytical role within the media industry.
College degree or an equivalent combination of skills, training, and experience preferred.
Candidate must have strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
Must be able to proof, analyze and simplify great amounts of detailed data.
Aptitude for dealing with numbers and numerical relationships.
Understanding of media math a plus.
Must be a critical thinker with the ability to work independently and as a team player.
Candidate must be well organized, capable of handling several projects simultaneously.
Must be able to work quickly and accurately under deadline pressure.
Extensive working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

* Must have the legal right to work in the United States

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