DevOps Engineer

Position Overview: The DevOps Engineer will contribute to the IT teams ongoing pursuit of operational excellence and to further help accelerate the DevOps roadmap. You will lead, participate and create projects that fundamentally improve the development and technical operations here at DMS. Your unique experience will be leveraged to provide new insights and perspectives into our initiatives and help foster a collaborative environment between development, IT and other business units.

Job Responsibilities
• Work with development teams to manage and troubleshoot deployments.
• Continuously improve development operations including: deployments security controls, build tools, testing, code management and documentation.
• Implementing observability strategies and tools for proactive detection of failures and deliver visibility into services metrics.
• Assist development in troubleshooting system and software issues in all environments.
• Implement technical automation to increase efficiency of company operations.
• Lead efforts of migrating Monolith applications to Dockerized ECS environments.
• Automate Amazon Machine Images and Docker Image builds.
• Create and maintain documentation, and Incident Run Books as needed.
• Greenfield new solutions to existing problems.
• Integrate and improve security automation throughout production services.
• Assist and manage cloud cost optimization efforts.
• Constantly research new technology, strategy and techniques that will benefit the team and the business.
• Participate in IT on-call schedule, and respond to any technical emergency situations.

Technologies you will work with
• HTTP Servers: Apache, Nginx, HAProxy.
• AWS services: VPC, EC2, ECR, ECS, Lambda, S3, EFS, Redshift, ElasticCache, RDS Aurora MySQL, CloudFront, API Gateway, CodeDeploy, CloudWatch, IAM, SNS, SQS, Load Balancers, Auto Scalers and AMI's.
• We support PHP, NodeJS, Go, Python, Ruby Java services.
• Tools we use include Terraform, Packer, Vagrant, GIT-Hub, TravisCI, and Gatlin

• 5 - 7 years of experience in DevOps, Software Development, and or System Administration expertise.
• 2+ years experience working with AWS in a production environment.
• Strong experience working with Linux in a production environment, particularly with Ubuntu.
• Experience with performance testing and tuning (HTTP Servers and Code).
• Experience working with NoSQL and Relational Databases such as ElasticSearch, MySQL, and RedShift.
• Experienced in writing in Bash and Python for automation efforts.
• Experience with Microservices/Serverless Architectures.
• Experience with building and maintaining highly available and fault tolerant systems.
• Experience scripting AWS operations (AWS CLI, Boto SDK, etc.)
• Knowledge and experience with Kubernetes is a plus.

Personal Qualities
• A strong self-starter, with the ability to work autonomously when needed.
• Strong problem solving and communication skills.
• You are driven, disciplined as much as you are tactful and measured.
• You continuously are learning and exploring new ideas and technologies.
• Desire to use and share your unique experience with your team.
• Ability to remain agile and manage changing priorities.

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