Software Engineer

The Company

Dia&Co is a venture-backed styling service for plus-size women.  Our mission is to inspire our customer to participate in her own style journey, and to ensure that when she does, she can buy what she wants, shop how she wants, and, most importantly, feel beautiful and celebrated.  Our business meets a profound need and has tremendous potential to shake things up.

Team and Culture

More than nearly anything else, what is going to make you productive and happy at work are the people you work with. Real culture starts with people, and everyone at Dia&Co works together based on trust, shared sense of purpose, and our Core Values.


Dia&Co is looking for candidates who are curious and capable. You don’t need to have a specific background, but you should have depth and experience with some overlap of the following:

Technology wise, on the web backend we take a pragmatic approach, arriving at a stack of Ruby on Rails, AWS, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and Redis. On the front-end, we use SCSS and modern HTML, which co-exist with some Rails HAML.

We like generalists, but by no means require a unicorn. We prefer Paint Drip People, who “move the brush” with curious exploration. Sometimes enough paint accumulates that a drip starts to roll down into an area of specialization.

The most important characteristic we look for is that you’re able to figure out what should be done and get it done—this requires thoughtfulness with a bias towards taking action and assuming responsibility. 

How We Make Software

The Dia&Co app seems very simple externally, but as an experienced engineer, you know that building any useful software is hard. Building Dia&Co is hard in ways that are not merely technical, but we do have some technical challenges to contend with.

Dia&Co is still a small team, and everyone contributes to product. We expect you to care deeply about the product, understanding the tradeoffs between quality, performance, and time to ship. Much of the authority over what and how things get built ultimately reside with the person building it—that means you!

Focusing on building the right thing is one of the hardest things that a startup has to get right. Everyone at Dia&Co is actively involved in deciding what to build next, and brings their perspective to feature prioritization.

We use Pivotal Tracker to see where features are at, so we can proactively resolve bottlenecks. The design stage is also highly collaborative. Input is sought from everyone, and often include our most active customers.

We practice continuous integration. We favor developing in small iterations, allowing us to move more deftly in changing or cutting features that are not working. On the web side, any new code push is immediately live, provided it passes all the tests.

Ultimately, every engineer is empowered to make decisions on implementation, refactoring, fixing bugs, upgrading third-party libraries, and exploring new technologies, to get things done in a way that balances shipping features with writing maintainable code.

Work With Us

If Dia&Co—the product—sounds like what you want to dedicate your energy and creativity towards building, and Dia&Co—the workplace—sounds like where you want to spend your time, please apply here. We are well-funded and backed by great investors. We offer competitive pay, equity, and comprehensive benefits.

Meet Some of Dia&Co's Employees

Zachary F.

Lead Software Engineer

Zachary’s core duties revolve around sustaining and developing Dia&Co’s software systems while also managing technological projects that enhance the company’s services and keep the customer happy.

Chris R.

Chief Operating Officer

Chris essentially rounds out everything from an operational standpoint and ensures that the way business runs does right by the customers.

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