Inside Software Sales Consultant

• As a DM rep you will be assigned canceled Internet and print revenue companywide to rework.

o DM reps handle all accounts that require intervention of any kind prior to auto renewal. Types of Handle:
o Any change/cancel request
o Inclusive of, but not limited to cancel, downgrade, upgrade, changes
o Any information or review request
o Billing, items, payments, claims, old owner/new owner
o Query resolution
o Ad copy, listing issues, graphics issues, NPA overlay (area code) issues, specs & standards changes, pagination changes

• Accounts that you will work include primarily future cancels, print cancels, delinquent accounts, and win backs. The objective is to save the accounts assigned and reduce the churn to our business.
• The direct mail rep also plays a vital role in capturing valuable cancel data which is reported up to the CXO to help make improvements to the overall business.
• Initiates telephone calls for the purpose of selling and servicing print and digital advertising, following the Company functional selling plan.
• Responsible for meeting aggressive retention quotas and objectives.
• Schedules, organizes and prioritizes work to meet customer and product deadline scheduling demands promptly, accurately and efficiently.
• Determining accounts' advertising needs through basic probing interviews to tailor the appropriate product(s).
• Prepares layouts and background information, as basis for recommending advertising programs and listing arrangements to meet the needs of each business.
• Prepares forms and letters, handles detailed paperwork and executes contracts for billing.
• Prepares necessary paperwork for publishing and billing the advertisement.
• Works with reference material, including retention practice, specifications, standards, and tariff regulations.
• Handles customer complaints regarding advertising and negotiates adjustments with Management approval.
• Job is non-routine and requires flexibility to switch from handling calls to detailed paper work, etc.
• Constant daily contact with customers. Work requires a high degree of accuracy
• Accepts, absorbs, and applies training, as instructed, following the Company functional selling

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