Software Product Marketing Manager

As Dex Media continues to evolve we need an experienced software product manager who can further nurture and guide one of our products to even higher levels. This is a key role on the team; in it you will be responsible for helping to determine future product direction of our application including specific features, functionality, and capabilities. You will intimately understand our market and the pains that our customers feel in order to recognize solutions and invent ways to make their lives easier. You will also be in tune with reality, and what solutions are achievable and scale well for the best interest of our company and products.

You must be amazing at prioritizing, and know how to juggle an insane number of responsibilities and requests. You will interact with the sales team, marketing team, development team, support and service team, and of course the end users themselves. You will work with both customers and prospects to attentively listen, understand, and prioritize their feedback and product enhancement requests. You will translate what customers express as “wants” into features that they actually need and will use. You will work intimately with the development team to see new features through to completion. You will be a ring-master in a very busy, well-orchestrated, very exciting circus.

Last but not least, we are a rapidly evolving company and the lines of responsibility are often blurred. We want people who are excited about the opportunity to do and learn things that may be outside their normal areas of expertise. If you’ve ever said, “that’s not my job”, or pointed a finger when something failed – walk away now.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

  • Develop the software product strategy and roadmap taking into account customer needs, schedule limitations, resource constraints, product scalability, market impact and competitor insights.
  • Drive discussions with customers regarding their needs and how they can be adapted into features that align with Dex Media’s business and development goals.
  • Understand the technical capabilities and constraints of our development platform, and guide customers to solutions that maintain our future scalability.
  • Define continuous product updates to improve customer experience, product scalability, and commercial performance.
  • Prepare clear and concise product requirements documentation with prioritized features and corresponding justification that has been developed through coordination with key stakeholders.
  • Work closely with our partners to use their assets, expertise and reach in order to communicate effectively with our target customers in labs and research administration.

RequirementsA minimum of three years of experience in web application product management.

  • Degree in an IT or Marketing related field or equivalent experience.
  • Efficient, rigorous and well-organized, but also pragmatic and flexible.
  • Willingness to roll up your sleeves to get the job done.
  • Ability to check your ego at the door, and participate in clear-headed brainstorming sessions and arguments for the better of the product, not your own self-esteem.
  • Uncompromising attention to detail, extremely organized, great at solving problems and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • The ability to adapt to a fast-paced environment and changing business priorities.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Highly customer focused with ability to identify and articulate customer needs and product requirements.
  • Proven ability to manage and mentor a team.
  • Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority.

Dex Media is an equal opportunity employer.

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