PRN Dental Hygienist RDH


Have you heard all DSO’s are the same? Not at DentalOne Partners’ supported practices!


At DentalOne Partners’ supported practices:

  • The hygienist, alongside the dentist, have clinical autonomy; your “JOB” is to give the best patient care following ADA standards.  
  • Schedules allow appropriate timeframes for new patients and hygiene therapy.
  • You have a network of professional hygiene leaders and peers that meet to share best practices and support your goals.
  • You are provided ongoing training and access to CE credits on the latest and greatest technology, where you are paid to learn.
  • You’ll find a company that wants you to grow with a career path that you get to create.


All of this, plus with a team that makes coming to work fun, and that’s a DentalOne Partners’ supported practice!

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